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Has #casa met the terms of the Audit Office review??

Casa and surveillance – Aviation Safety Compliance Follow-up Audit by Australian National Audit Office in 2002.

The actual reports are here:

ANAO – 1999 00_audit_report_19 CASA Audit

ANAO report_66 CASA Audit 2001

ANAO – 2010 11_audit_report_13 CASA + Safety Implementation

2010-11 Audit Report No14

2010-11 Audit Report No 39 ASIC Cards

There is a previous […]

#casa fails to provide statistics

#casa has a dreadful record with FOI [Freedom of Information] requests and this continues with work that it chages a fee for the privilidge of the requester for a lengthy wait.Even with the statistics below, where #casa is attempting to mislead the industry in it’s alleged reporting standards, not one area has a reported “Average […]

Is #asa corrupt and conflicted by Angus Houston??

#asa audit called in meeting with Senators by National Audit office

The audit called for after the Senate committee looked at how #asa actually sought new purchases. The Senators were very unhappy in seeing #asa, even through the questioning of Angus Houston from the #asa Board did not give clear answers.

Angus Houston was given […]

2015 Steadfast Outback Air Race has raised in excess of $560,000 for #RFDS

RFDS Air Race results:

Record breaking fundraising total of $560,000! Peter Kneale – Sat, 05/09/2015 – 18:57 We are very excited to announce that the 2015 Steadfast Outback Air Race has raised in excess of $560,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Our Treasurer, Stuart Payne, announced the figure to racers and guest at the […]

British flyer to take a Stearman from England to Sydney

Tracey Curtis Taylor is due to leave Britain’s Farnborough on October 1st 2015.

This is to trace the route shown below and in the footsteps of Amy Johnson.

Tracey’s flight is in honour of Amy Johnson and her epic solo flight to Australia in 1930 which astounded the world. Where possible, Tracey will be following […]

Serious occurrences into Tullarmarine, Mt. Hotham and Newcastle

Serious occurrences into Tullarmarine and Mt. Hotham

The series of incidents into Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport, which largely revolve around a difficult to fly STAR route are detailed below and should be combined with the report by The Australian into another Mt. Hotham incident.

Also below is the Sandilands – Newcastle coal loader incident.

ADSB […]

Skidmore missive – September 2015 #casa

Skidmore missive – September 2015 #casa

Again, #casa does not get the real problems facing #ozaviation. A simple way forward is clearly shown in the #asrr terms and an ability by an individual to properly defend any alleged infraction according to a Court of law.

#casa now gives an alleged “10-philosophy list”


September […]

Clear call for proper change to #casa rules and application – regulatory philosophy??

Clear call for proper change to #casa rules and application

Sunfish calls well for clear changes Mr. Skidmore, not soon, but now and before more damage to #ozaviation.

The recent “10-point statement of regulatory philosophy” as reproduced below, can only be called an absolute rubbish. It is compromised of a series of half-truths and mis-representations.


Burketown images – Morning Glory Cloud 2015

Burketown images – Morning Glory Cloud 2015


Roll Cloud


Albert River – Burketown Wharf

Albert River Sunrise










Albert River on sunrise



Hard wing Hang-glider assembly







Concorde lives!!

Concorde lives!! – with thanks and










Morning Glory Cloud in Burketown – 2015

Morning Glory Cloud in Burketown – 2015 [Other images from 2015]

Meteorological events that result in peculiar formations are rare, but the Burketown Morning Glory cloud formation is one of difference.

It requires a complex group of conditions with a trough line from the Gulf, a north-east wind flow and a south-east flow from […]

Is aviation dangerous??

In a recent post, there is a ranking that #casa should remember. It is a post on 28 March, 2015 · by Richard de Crespigny · in Cabin Crew, Leadership, News, QF32 Story, Security, Training.

Produced here with thanks and a serious reminder as to how safe air travel is compared to other activities.

Unfortunately […]

DAME’s – What’s #casa up to now??

DAME’s – What’s #casa up to now??

There has been a bit of activity by #casa in regards to “substance abuse” and the following are the reference’s to this plus “#casa DAME guidelines. These are extremely prescriptive and may well go across the patient / doctor relationship.

If #casa were paying for the medical or […]

#aopa’s Marc de Stoop questions #casa

#aopa’s Marc de Stoop questions #casa

That Marc is asking who is making these regulations, is interesting, as is questioning the proper qualifications.

Read Marc’s letter to #casa here.

This is an issue that I have long had with #casa, where people are given a job on “casa requirements”, and not proper aviation qualifications.

There […]

Performance of #asa – Senate questions Angus Houston

The review by the Australian senate resumed, with Angus Houston being grilled by the Senators on 9th September 2015. [see below]. The previous hearing on 18th August 2015 raised some serious issues for #asa.


The original 18th September 2015 [Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee_2015_08_18_3712] Hansard.

Submissions to the 18th August 2015 […]

Jeff Boyd addresses industry in Cairns

Jeff Boyd addresses industry in Cairns

On 4th September 2015, Jeff Boyd addressed a public meeting in Cairns QLD. He addressed a series of important matters, which are critical for aviation in Australia.

Article about the meeting

I have attached a copy of the recording below, which is only accessible to subscribed members. There is […]

Aviation – Is it dangerous??

An old one, but true


Warren Truss on #MH370

Warren Truss on #MH370

Transcript of Interview—Today Show

Interview WTC020/2015 30 July 2015

Topic: Wreckage on La Reunion Island

Lisa Wilkinson: …Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have desperately hoped for news, and for a miracle. But today it appears their wait is over. Investigators are almost certain the wreckage discovered on an Indian Ocean […]

Who is Phillipa Stone? New #casa Board appointment

Who is Phillipa Stone? New #casa Board appointment

Question is:

How does she stand on the #asrr review? Is she aware of #casa’s breach of Model Litigant provisions?


The clear problems within #casa that have been exposed in dealings such as:

Quadrio [Details here]; Rudd [FOI Requests]; Reppacholi; Barrier Aviation; Actions of #casa legal […]

Is #casa trying to improve or defuse the #asrr??

Is #casa trying to improve or defuse the #asrr??

#casa is calling for an extension of the Mildura “talkfest”, of which there was no agenda handed out, nor notes distributed to attendees.


Archerfield QLD Oct 28 2015 6.00-7.30pm Royal Queensland Aero Club

Qantas Avenue

Archerfield Register now Cairns QLD Oct 29 2015 12.30-2.00pm Cairns […]

Bankstown airport for sale??

Bankstown airport for sale?? September 2015

There are some problems with this, not withstanding the issue of the use for aviation.

Airports in Australia; Airports Bankstown- It’s “future” – Aviation must prevail; History of Bankstown and objections to lease/ sale Bankstown Airport – What is the legal position?? Cost of CASA moving from Bankstown […]

Is #casa correct or does #ozaviation have real numbers??

Is #casa correct or does #ozaviation have real numbers??

The letter written to #casa by #aopa queried the real cost of the RIS [Regulatory Impact statement], which Marc de Stoop has real information, wheras #casa “…believes….”.

AOPA Australia has been silent on a range of issues in #ozaviation, but with Marc de Stoop, is starting […]

Senate and #asa board Angus Houston

The hearing into #asa continued on 8th September 2015, with the Senators seeking answers to a series of issues that could well be defined at corruption.

Dick Smith and a corresponding group of articles in The Australian exposed serious safety issues in the #asa portfolio, particularly in Tasmania, with aircraft disappearing from radar screens.



Cairns, to Canberra anti-corruption caravan

It is 12-months since the caravan passage to Canberra and issues are still arising from the trip. One, which is to be deplored, was the debasement of free speech which occurred on #pprune and resulted in thread bans, vicious and un-warranted criticism by a regular ppruner – Horatio Hornblower. He removed a vindictive post, but […]

Jeff Boyd, #casa Board chair points to way forward

Jeff Boyd, #casa Board chair points to way forward

On Friday 4th September, Jeff Boyd presented a “warts and all” way forward to FNQ aviation interests in Cairns QLD. This was an interesting insight into the #casa Board’s future for aviation.

Mr. Boyd was one of a number of speakers supporting a seminar sponsored by […]

Effect of #ozaviation on the community seen in Tasmania

Effect of #ozaviation on the community seen in Tasmania

Finally, there is a growing realisation of the impact of aviation and the factors of “…getting it wrong….”. There is a concern by Tourism Tasmania that people might be concerned about effects on numbers visiting Tasmania.

Imagine if there was another incident which involved loss of […]

#casa regulatory reform

#casa regulatory reform

The changes in the regulations are, as we know, not well worded. This is one of the most problematic issues with how #casa ‘manages’ aviation.

This, combined with the findings of the #asrr, which gave the unblinding view that the aviation industry had little trust in #casa.

The following thread, which is […]

casa and the National Audit Office – Safety Compliance???

Question is, has #casa met this, particularly the relationship to the FAA/ ICAO audit in 2008 and now the 2013 ASRR audit.

That is the big question and the #casa corporate plan and it’s KPI’s, which do not have a metric to give them credibility and usefulness when measured against the #asrr recommendations.


4th […]

casa and the Show Cause Notice

#casa and the Show Cause Notice The following is a public discussion from #pprune, which has been “shut-down” by the #pprune moderators. But I am sure this issues needs airing, particularly at this time when internal pressures on staff are likely to result in FOI’s or AWI’s turning rogue on pilots and maintenance personnel. I […]

Reminder from May 2012 of #casa misfeasance and the senate

Reminder from May 2012 of #casa misfeasance and the senate

This post [recovered from #pprune and the answer should be remembered the next time that Skidmore fronts the Senate and answers the wash-up from the #atsb inquiry and McCormick’s answer below.

Will Skidmore be honest??


25th May 2012, 13:33 #1 (permalink) Join Date: May […]