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The importance of airports in Australia

The importance of airports in Australia

In the US, in the State of New Jersey, there was a recent trial which has substantial impact on aviation and local Government organisations.The case of Solberg airport should be viewed, even though in US jurisprudence, as an important precedent in Australia.

The ALOP’s programme, with direct funding springs […]

Bankstown for sale??

Bankstown for sale??

The issue of aviation in this appears to have been missed, according to the article in yesterdays Financial Review [26th May 2015].

That this absolute and demonstrable hit at the nations primary infrastructure.

That a large area of the land has had issues raised as to:

Flooding; Contaminated land; Aviation use; Prior […]

#PelAir Inquiry – reopened

#PelAir Inquiry

Re-opened 18th February 2015

This occurred on 18th February 2015 and is alongside the Supreme Court finding for Karen Casey. Karen is the flight nurse on the ill-fated PelAir flight, who has an action against PelAir for damages in the NSW Supreme Court.

27th February 2015 – Bernie Curall death


PelAir […]

2015 changes to DAME Handbook

2015 changes to DAME Handbook

The problem of CASR part 61 continues, with unknown changes to Class 2 medicals and the private pilot caught in an ever widening web by CASA, as well as it’s focus group of commercial pilots [CPL]

The so-called use of evidence based medicine is horrific, as CASA Aeromed can over […]

Windfarms and aviation

Windfarms and aviation

What pprune is saying this week. This thread was locked down as likewise three previous threads raising serious issues about windfarms and the inherent aviation dangers of these structures.

20th May 2015, 11:06 #1 (permalink) Stikybeke Join Date: Aug 2006 Location: Close Posts: 213 Windfarms 3 I see that the current Select […]

CASA gets extra funds now $400m – What for??

CASA gets extra $400m – What for??

In June 2010, Minister Albanese put together a new funding source for CASA This funding source never went before a Parliamentary panel or investigation before it was enacted. It was opposed by the member for Wide Bay [Mr. Truss], Senator Ian McDonald and by Member for Farrer Susan […]

CASA budget 2015 – What is revealed??

CASA budget 2015 – What is revealed??

The 2015-2016 budget papers have some serious hidden implications for aviation, with a continuation of the excise on avtur and avgas, an impost that on CASA figures [see budget papers below], that impacts aviation into the next four years by over $100m.

The impost is now into it’s […]

Wind Turbine Hearings

Wind Turbine Hearings

These were carried out over the past 24 hours, with a number of very interesting submissions made, which often demonstrate the limited nature and depth of the approval process. There are obvious vested interests represented.

There were a number of international submissions, particularly on physics – which advance the understanding of […]

QON – Senate Estimates – February 2015

The next Senate Estimates is due later this month – Wednesday 27th and Thursday, 28 May 2015, with a full programme yet to be formulated.

QON – Senate February 2015 – Documents:


Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee_2015_02_24_3248.pdf;








Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development […]

Process continues – introduction rules without consultation [Case study]

Multicom frequencies:

Introduction without consultation, then CASA refuses to remove or “fix-up” the problems created.

As some readers would be aware, the change to the MULTICOM in 2013 was conducted with no consultation and no risk analysis or safety case to industry knowledge.

The following discussion details serious changes being made to ‘rules”, […]

Dick Smith talks to Maca on aviation problems

Dick Smith talks to Maca on aviation problems:

The around Australia programme on Sunday mornings, which showcases a range of issues, featured Dick Smith.

Dick highlighted the serious and negative impact on aviation in Australia due to the actions of CASA. In particular he highlighted the extreme increased costs of maintaining an aviation licence […]

Part 61 and the aviation industry – Skidmore undertakings

Part 61 and the aviation industry – Skidmore undertakings

The following has been released by the AHIA yesterday and demonstrates the problems of part 61 and it’s implementation.

That there has not been a retraction [which would be a proper committment by Skidmore to a direct alignment with industry] by CASA and Skidmore, shows the […]

Lockhart River – Shane Urquhart talks to ABC 612 in Brisbane

Lockhart River – Shane Urquhart talks to ABC 612 in Brisbane

Tonight Shane Urquhart spoke to ABC-612 Brisbane tonight. He has allowed us to post this voice record of the interview on Evenings with David Curnow 7:00pm

This is a very moving summary surrounding the Lockhart River crash.

Double click on the link below to […]

Former CASA Board chair, Dick Smith speaks on unsubstantiated aviation costs

Skidmore and Dick Smith communications:

The following was posted on pprune today, which leads to questions as to “…respect for industry …” that Mark Skidmore claimed would be the hallmark of his term.

Instead, the reply, as Dick Smith eloquently points out is “……more of the same from CASA……”

The industry cannot move […]

Lockhart River 10 years on

The tragedy that is Lockhart River still has serious doubts around the event, the sadness continues, with it being nearly 8 years before there was insurance payouts – look at the case with Karen Casey [6-years] and still “..not done…”.

The sadness continues and we must remember Shane Urqhart, his work in exposing the problems […]