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CASA and a presumption of innocence?? Quadrio six years later

CASA and a presumption of innocence?? Quadrio six years later

The article by Nicola Berkovic [below] bears some careful thought, not just as to “hate” issues, but in the normal running of government.

The statement below attributed to Tim Wilson should be viewed in the light of what CASA has been doing in cases […]

#MH370 – Current ATSB activity

#MH370 – Current ATSB activity

In the Australian Senate on 24th February 2015, there was a major update, with the transcript and actual hearing visuals below:


Senator BACK: Mr Foley, can you just give us a very brief update on […]

Senate Estimates – The actual hearing 24th February 2015

Senate Estimates – The actual hearing 24th February 2015

With help from the PAIN Group, posted here to the YouTube link is the broken up complete look at the 24th February 2015 estimates.

Worth a read and watch of the obvious body language of the participants.

The full link to other Senate […]

Airservices and the Senate

Having looked and followed carefully the answers given by Ms Staib on Tuesday 24th February 2015, I have serious questions about the way Airservices is conducting it’s ‘business’ [monopoly provider] for the aviation industry.

The ASA non-use of a safety case before the ASA Board approved of a move of Adelaide Approach to Melbourne is […]

Senate Estimates and CASA/ Air Services

Senate Estimates and CASA/ Air Services/ MrDak

The 24th February 2015 senate estimates and hearings proved interesting last night. The senators certainly were not happy with a number of people, including the Head of Department, MrDak, CEO Airservices [ASA] Ms Staib and a number of others in answering or avoiding answering questions.

The corruption […]

CASA loses the CVD case

CASA loses the CVD case – John O’Brien wins!!

A good win for the industry, following up on the Angel Flight withdrawal by CASA.

Problem is, we have seen withdrawal before, but CASA finds another loop-hole to have a further go at the industry.


From the CVDA site: John O’Brien wins AAT challenge […]

History of Bankstown and objections to lease/ sale

History of Bankstown and objections to lease/ sale

There have been a series of objections to the operation/ sale/lease of the secondary airports for a number of years. Most of these objections go to the way management:

Has increased costs; Pushed out operators; Been difficult to deal with; Over used legal methods and Tried to […]

Bankstown Airport – What is the legal position??

Bankstown Airport – What is the legal position??

There has been on-going issues with all the “secondary airports” since the Government of the day decided to “lease” them.

Questions must arise as to who has benefit from the “sale”??

Does the benefit roll-back to those involved in the decision-making process??

Who was involved at the […]

ICAO – Who is to lead it as next head??

ICAO – Who is to lead it as next head??

The announcement last year of the nomination of McCormick [ex-CASA ceo] for the ICAO position, proposed late in 2014, by Mike Mrdak’s Department of Infrastructure.

DPM Warren Truss confirmed it recently.

Looks like there is a serious contender, with broad aviation experience at a high […]

Sandilands calls for a finish to the PelAir mess

Sandilands calls for a finish to the PelAir mess

Sandilands has a range of other articles and is to be congratulated on his following the case.

Ben Sandilands | Feb 17, 2015 8:49AM

1. Did Australia mislead ICAO over the Pel-Air crash?

2. Sketchy-pel-air-crash-investigation-raises-uncomfortable-questions-for-deputy-pm/

Pel-Air flight recorder to be recovered, if possible Ben Sandilands […]

Avgas, $89.9m and CASA – Impropietry/ illegality/confidence in the Department?

Arguments on Avgas levy in pprune – the levy still exists, although is was directed to finish on 30th June 2013 by Treasurer Wayne Swan.

The levy is still in the May 2014 budget, and Swan never removed, nor did the Department [MrDak] or CASA [McCormick] ensure that either Swan or Hockey knew that […]

Aviation Medicine – Application in Australia

Big problem is in the application by the casa PMO, or principal medical officer being quite difficult in his (not yet her) opinions. Consequently the review of approved DAME doctors approval of medicals for flyers has been quite “random”.

The use of the specialists reports has also been random and for individuals, who have been […]

Charter flight or RPT???

Is this a Charter flight or RPT???

Remember the AAT case and Direct Air – similar???

1. Restrictions with a “closed charter” and use of a charter AOC and a Tourist Agency:

Caper Pty Ltd T a Direct Air Charter and Civil Aviation Safety Authority [2011] AATA 181 (21 March 2011)

Civil Aviation Safety Authority […]

What was behind the #PelAir accident

What was behind the #PelAir accident??

Karen Casey and David Helm are the human faces behind the PelAir ditching, where all six occupants of the Westwind jet on that dark 2009 November evening, ended up in the 2.5metres seas surrounding Norfolk Island. All the occupants, were “lucky” to be found by the observant Norfolk Island […]

PelAir and adjacent History

PelAir and adjacent History:

AVWEB has a couple of incicive reports in it’s pages [reproduced below] that are well worth a further read in light of the Supreme Court hearings this week [6th February 2015].

The early reports and press releases at the time, said that the six occupants escaped without injury. The Supreme Court […]

Truss confirms McCormick for ICAO

Truss confirms McCormick for ICAO

In a most amazing turn of events, DPM Truss confirms McCormick for the ICAO position.

This is the person, McCormick, in whom the Australian Senate has no confidence, the person who was heavily involved in the Cathay Pacific #49’s debacle, the person whom has harassed aviation people at Acacia Ridge […]

PelAir action has a reserved decision

The Supreme Court in Sydney today [6th February 2015], with Judge Monica Schmidt in Courtroom 9D, resulted in a “finding reserved” at 11.45PM on Friday.

The PelAir ditching, the first jet ditching in the world, where all survived in November 2009, seriously injured the Flight nurse, Karen Casey and the treating Doctor, David Helm. All […]

PelAir nurse involved in Supreme Court

Karen Casey has been fighting for her rights in the Sydney Supreme Court this week. She has had to deal with a determined insurance company, who have demanded a court appearance of Karen.

Karen has been more than up to the task with two quality barrister’s determined to see a just outcome.

Karen has had […]