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PelAir drags on – It’s over 5 years since November 2009

PelAir drags on – It’s over 5 years since November 2009

The PelAir matter is not yet complete, with the CASA, ATSB and PelAir with a major coverup continuing, much to the disappointment of the Senators. There are a whole range of issues to be answered, with a seriously disappointed and it would appear, angry […]

AVMED Problems – Bladeslapper

AVMED problems raised by Helicopter pilots:

Re: Helicopter Pilot training path

The information provided by HKK is still current. I had LASEK in 2009 with pre-surgery refraction of -5 left and -3 right and was subsequently confirmed as AVR1 by AVMED. by jandakotflyer Fri Mar 21, 2014 2129 Forum: Flight Training Topic: Helicopter Pilot training […]

MH370 analysis and ATSB reactions

MH370 analysis and ATSB reactions

There has been huge interest in the fate of MH370, of which I am most interested in the ATSB actions.

The questions being:

Are the actions of ATSB reactive and Does the ATSB have the “…head power…” to research, co-ordinate and Can the ATSB effect finding MH370?

In my readings […]

Mark Skidmore’s first “Missive” – No future for Aviation

Mark Skidmore’s first “Missive”:

Well, the training wheels are off on Mark Skidmore’s first foray into the big aviation world.

He lists the “….five principles CASA must embrace when making decisions or taking actions…”, but the “..principles…” are not bound at all in the CAAct, except for Principle 1 – CAAct 9A.

This approach does […]

Kharon has new site – pprune romance over!!

Kharon has new site – pprune romance over!!

The pprune romance seems to have ended for Kharon – quite a few stories abound about posts being removed, threads being “locked” with no good reason or no-reason given by pprune.

Some of the “Kharon pprune posts are on this site.

The removal of threads and posts […]

Who or what killed Dr Barry Uscinski? Gympie Spitfire crash

Gympie Spitfire crash and Coroners report were commented on earlier by www.vocasupport.com


Thanks to the Gympie Times for their good work in keeping up with this important story and keeping the pressure further on CASA and where CASA are implicated.

Who or what killed Dr Barry Uscinski? 22nd Jan 2015 5:00 AM […]

Top Tweets for #pelair – Not a good look for Minister Truss

Top Tweets for #pelair.

Results for #pelair

robbo – R44 ‏@flyingoz 8h8 hours ago

Senator @Nick_Xenophon queries political donations by regional airline Rex | The Australian #pelair @SenatorNash http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/aviation/senator-xenophon-queries-political-donations-by-regional-airline-rex/story-e6frg95x-1227191355007?sv=4e02b61a731652a898b89b55be072234#.VMAa4VNytKk.twitter …

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#PAIN Senate […]

MH370 independent review by Brock McKeon

MH370 independent review – paper

The independent report, published by Brock McKeon, has not recieved much traction yet, except by Ben Sandilands. Ben says that there are serious questions to be asked, a point that Ben has made for a lengthy period of time.

Many others have questioned the direction that the aircraft took […]

Questions arise about REX and politics

Questions arise about REX and politics

The Anthony Klan article certainly is an expose on the matter of apparent interference with the political process in Australia. This type of behaviour may explain why CASA is so keen to work on being an “Un-model Litigant”.

Is there some connections in this as regards to the:

Aero-medical […]

Skidmore finds his way to the CASA web page – eventually!!


Skidmore finds his way to the CASA web page – eventually!!

Clicked on the “CASA Director” tab this afternoon [19th January 2015] and all I found was:

The Page [NoSuchPage] is not defined in this application, please check the URL.

Then a few minutes later get the BIO shown below.

Question here is: […]

Hope this is not another spot for CASA to ‘attack’ aviation

Hope this is not another spot for CASA to ‘attack’ aviation, as like the US, cost sharing has been around a long time. In Australia, of course, the concept of ‘closed charters’ has been the focus of CASA, with the Caper Air matter in Darwin, which like many other matters, initially went against CASA, but […]

DAME newsletters and Pooshan spin

DAME newsletters

The following was written by Pooshan Navarthe and is a good example of how this is spun to show that CASA does not “lose” in the AAT over AVMED matters. The full newsletters are below.

Not true of course.


DAME newsletter April 2012

DAME Newsletter – September 2012


Gympie Coroners Report released today

Gympie Coroners Report released today, and the report is as follows:

Coroners Inquiry – Gympie Replica Supermarine Accident

In part, Coroner said about the Supermarine accident at Gympie:


It is clear that CASA had investigated Mr O’Sullivan prior to the inquest in relation to his provision of false information for other aircraft, but […]

What is hidden in the Bankstown Master Plan??

What is hidden in the Bankstown Master Plan??

Is this the basis to result in the death of GA at Bankstown and the conversion of Bankstown to a “…housing development…”.

Is this consistent to the original agreement to the “…lease…” of the secondary airports??

The Archerfield debacle is a case in point. Senator Fawcett […]

ASSR replies released late by DOTARs – Challenge to CEO Skidmore

ASSR replies released by DOTARs on 6th January 2015. This was done without any fanfare or media releases at all, just appears on the web-site.

These are a must-read, with the “Government Response” attempting to water down the effect of the ASRR.

The Government response says, in part:

Industry will be provided with further opportunities […]

ATSB reports not identifying CASA’s surveillance as a contributing safety factor when it is identified in the analysis as deficient

The following demonstrates the real underlying issue in ATSB investigations, when CASA has failed to properly surveil the operator, leading to an operational issue. Further, ATSB is not issuing the “safety factor” on the regulator. Surely, this leaves both CASA and ATSB in breach of CAAct 9A(1)

REPCON Mode Aviation Reference No. AR201400079 Date reported […]

Does regulation improve air safety?? Australia falls behind the world

Does regulation improve air safety?? is a question that arises with the ructions that have been exposed in Australia in the past few years as the battle lines have been drawn by a relcalcitrant regulator – CASA.

The recent lengthy expose by Alianz, in company with the Embry-Riddle University in the US [Embry-Riddle concentrates […]

Gympie finding rails against CASA

Gympie finding rails against CASA [2nd January 2015] in delivering the Coroners finding on 29th December 2014, following the October 22, 2010 accident at Gympie involving a 80% scale supamarine replica aircraft.

In part, the Coroner said “……CASA should review its expectations of RA-Aus………..”.

The Coroners brief was as follows:

1. The findings required by […]