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2015 – #casa scores 2/10 for it’s 10-commandments

The past 12-months have seen more of the same, with a few beams of sunshine, but principally more “…rain on the parade…”.

It’s not easy for a bureaucracy to evolve and learn something from it’s mistakes.

Michael Connelly in “The Narrows”

Mark Skidmore has been a real disappointment, with the “Ten-Commandments” showing that #casa just cannot comply with what the Board requires, much less the public and the aviation industry.

Let’s look at the latest AAT findings, where #casa do not even come close to any of the “Ten-Commandments”.

This is the Jack Pantovic findings, where by any measure, only items 2and 3 have at all been met. Item 8. “#casa embraces and employs a rational “just culture” principles in it’s regulatory and related actions.

Item 10. of course, does not even rank. This, in the Pantovic case means that # casa has a score of 20%. when I went to school, that would be a “….repeat of the year….”!!

If we apply any form of KPI [must be a numeric basis or metric], 2/10 “E”

casa - 10A

The thoughts of the Senate Committee, led by Bill Heffernan and greatly influenced by Nick Xenonphon, is demonstrated below.

The NXT policy principle is no surprise given NX’s stand on several aviation safety matters of concern.

Nick’s concerns peaked with his calling for and then subsequent prominent involvement in the Senate PelAir inquiry:

Additional Comments by Senator Nick Xenophon

Quote: Recommendation 1

That the Government establish, as a matter of urgency, the role of Inspector‑General of Aviation Safety, with the necessary powers, resources and expertise to oversee and independently review the activities of CASA, the ATSB and other relevant organisations to an appropriate level.

1.22      Ultimately, this inquiry has exposed serious and significant flaws in Australia’s aviation safety systems.

The general industry attitude towards both the ATSB and CASA is incredibly concerning; it is a mixture of fear, suspicion, disappointment and derision.

1.23      It is my view that CASA, under Mr McCormick, has become a regulatory bully that appears to take any action available to ensure its own shortcomings are not made public. This poses great risks to aviation safety, and the safety of the travelling public.

Equally, the ATSB—which should fearlessly expose any shortcomings on the part of CASA and other organisations to improve aviation safety—has become institutionally timid and appears to lack the strength to perform its role adequately.

Both agencies require a complete overhaul, and I believe it is only luck that their ineptness has not resulted in further deaths so far.

There is an urgent need for an Inspector-General of Aviation Safety, entirely independent of the Minister and his department, to be a watchdog for these agencies.

1.24      In the end, this report raises many questions.

But if we wish to bring about change and improve aviation safety, we will clearly need to look beyond our inept regulators and ask:

Who will guard the guards themselves?

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