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Cairns to Canberra group find new evidence on Lockhart River

During their trip, the Cairns to Canberra group found new evidence on Lockhart River disaster. This is an important step forward in working out what really happened in the time leading up to the crash and whether material was not available to the Coroner and subsequent Senate hearing.

This presence of new evidence was revealed […]

Pilot numbers indicate a major fall in aviation

Too early to say aviation is dead, but the following numbers show it is horribly sick.

Participation rate falls of 62% when measured against active medicals.

The most disturbing part is the almost 400% rise of failed medicals. The current CVD debacle is indicative of a regulator which is completely out of touch with the […]

Is the ATSB and CASA afraid of the truth??

The following in a FOI request on CASA reveals the extent that both CASA and ATSB hate the truth being revealed.

To attack the “tenditious blogger”, shows the degree to which both organisations – CASA and ATSB are afraid of the truth.

Worse still, it is at top level.






Survey into how aviation in Australia regards the regulator – CASA

https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WLSQGSQ – Survey on how the industry regards the regulator. Please use link to undertake the survey.

A recent article on the directed CASA survey is discussed, comparing an ALEA survey 18 months ago.




Pilot numbers continue to fall – Is the new DAS going to act??

Pilot numbers continue to fall as measured by active medicals and the CASA machine is just ignoring this in its annual report.

Mr. Skidmore cannot ignore the trend.

What is more disturbing is to look at the 2007 – 2008 numbers, which total 47254, which makes the actual fall over this six year period, […]

CASA enforcement – Type of person used

Just doing some browsing and found this advertisement for past ‘Enforcement Officer’, which shows that there is no requirement for any aviation knowledge at all [apart from the CASA Act/ regs].

Perhaps this is why the interface with industry of these people is so rocky.

Past state police officers or Federal police have been used […]

Interference in Freedom of Speech – Cairns to Canberra Caravan

There has been an on-going battle on pprune, with The Cairns to Canberra Mission, which has reached it’s third itteration and over 8500 reads of the ‘mission’, which reached the senate estimates committee with a submission that went to the heart of the problems within CASA.

Below is a summary of the mission, which continues […]

Can MH370 be found? What of the ATSB and CASA involvement?

Is ATSB the correct organisation to find and lead the search?

Certainly the SAR [Search and Rescue] is the responsibility of the ATSB thorough the enabling legislation. However, to look at the record of ATSB in recent times, gives another impression, with the ATSB refusing / or unwilling to lift the CVD in the relatively […]