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Who was in the # 113 Pilot’s Course – RAAF???

New CASA CEO: Mark Skidmore career highlights

2013 – Aviation consultant

2013 Director Flight Operations Raytheon Australia

2001-2012 Royal Australian Air Force – from 2008 Air Commander Australia; previously: Joint Force Air Component Commander including Director of the Coalition Combined Air Operations Centre in the Middle East Area, Director Combined Air and Space Operations Centre, […]

Has CASA deluded and misused the September 2014 survey ?

Has CASA deluded and misused the September 2014 survey, of the “traveling public”?

In reading the Farqartson missive below, note the highlights.To use statements such as “Most Australians – 80 per cent“, is misleading in the utmost and the interpretations made by CASA [through the surveyer] cannot be at all relied on, when compared […]

Report by State Development Regional aviation services in NSW slams excessive regulation and impact on aviation

The release of the Standing Committee on State Development Regional aviation services has been released and the summary appears below.

This idicates the concern of the committe over the effect of the regulations and their changes [by the regulator – CASA and the effect on aviation].

This is specifically at Recommendation 1 and 8.



Cairns to Canberra Caravan reaches the Capital for meetings

The caravan always had it’s objective to go to the Senate estimates and meet with senior CASA personell.

These objectives were met, with Senators Sterle and Heffernan coming to the group during a break. One member had met with Senator Heffernan in the past, but had not had the opportunity to meet Deputy […]

The Anti-corruption caravan meets the Senators with a Manifest of problems

The Senate estimates at Parliament Hause last night was an interesting listen.

A very poor performance by the CASA team, with stumbles and unanswered questions being the highlight of the night. That CASA was left to last thing was surprising, but a lot of Senators had their allocated question group at the end, particularly Senator […]

The Caravan to Canberra from Cairns

The Caravan to Canberra from Cairns




The pprune post that remains:

Thread Tools Search this Thread 27th Oct 2014, 17:47 #1 (permalink) Up-into-the-air Join Date: May 2010 Location: More than 300km from SY, Australia Posts: 764 The Cairns to Canberra Mission [Mark 2] In the aviation industry, we have […]

CASA lies again in “fobbing off” the truth

In spite of what Gibson claims below, in an interview with Mr Rudd tonight, Mr Rudd, tells me “There were three investigations into the “alleged illegal maintenance”.

These were:

The ICC, Michael Hart [He found that, the three CASA AirWorthiness Inspectors [namely Peter Larard, John Retzke and Ronald Clarke] “could not have seen what they […]

Cairns to Canberra anti-corruption caravan to attend Senate Estimates.

I found the [following post on pprune] just now.

It is something that requires full support and I understand the “caravan” should make it to Canberra just in time to make the Senate Estimates public hearings on 20th October 2014.

The caravn certainly makes some incisive comments about matters that must be fixed.


11th […]

Chopper landing at Cooktown – Quality Landing site??

A Bell-206 ‘landed’ on an outcrop of rock yesterday [7th October 2014]. The aircraft sufffered what appears to be a dynamic ‘rollover’.

A “safe” operation???


Dick Smith re-enters the fray – problems with AirServices [ASA]

I was travelling two weeks ago and Macca on Sunday had Dick Smith pointing out the problems with Part 61, and the substantial extra costs imposed on the industry. He also went to the confusion being foisted on the entire industry.

In the article by Steve Creedy, the matter is further developed.

Rob Rich of […]

CASA refuses to play ball with industry on Part 61

The findings of most people who comment on CASA proposals is rejection, refusal or just no response, so we should not be surprised by this.

In the US, a part 61 takes a few pages, but CASA is over 800 pages, plus an explanatory booklet about the same length.

Not on Mr. CASA.


Aviation […]