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When is an AC able to be used in Australia – Legal Limits??

On a number of occassions, I have been asked as to what is the Head of Power for an “AC” – Advisory Circular.

The reference on the most recent is as follows:

Advisory Circulars are intended to provide advice and guidance to illustrate a means, but not necessarily the only means, of complying with the […]

Will Geoff Boyd improve the CASA Board??

This is what Geoff Boyd said when he became chair of the RAAA.

Question is, can Geoff apply these continuing principles to the CASA Board job and ensure that the constituency that elected him to this position [RAAA Chair] is represented in the CASA Board situation.

And will the Board put in place the ASRR […]

AOPA re-engages with Industry – AOPA Safety Seminar August 16, 2014

I had an interesting interview with aaron.stephenson@aopa.com.au this week, having been a member of AOPA until around 2001, but disappointed with AOPA taking money from CASA for advertising and “safety seminars”, so I left as a member.

Aaron tells me that there have been major changes afoot and these are certainly welcomed.

Problem is AOPA […]

PelAir Inquiry raised in Senate – Who has revealed Senate secrets??

At the PelAir inquiry, the Senate made serious warnings that any “get even” with those who gave information or submissions to the Inquiry. It seems from the Xenophon statement to the Senate today [10th June 2014] someone has breached that understanding.

The actual Xenophon statement to the Senate:

Senate and Nick Xenophon places a matter […]

learning to fly – The Risks according to the Courts

A comment on a recent case on aviation, which I reported earlier this year [http://vocasupport.com/campbell-v-hay-case-in-nsw-district-court-and-recreational-aviation-vs-damages-responsibility/].

The Cordato article expands this further:


Why learning to fly a light plane is a dangerous recreational activity Cordato Partners Anthony J Cordato Australia July 7 2014 Author page »

Learning to fly is a supervised activity.

A flying […]

The AAT and the new broom – Ekinci case and Mr. Bartsch – Should Mr. Bartsch stand aside??

The following AAT case between CASA and Reha Ekinci has some interesting “bumps” and reveals some long standing issues between the two parties.

The following cases refer to the AAT judgements.

Ekinci and Ors and Civil Aviation Safety Authority [2014] AATA 424 (27 June 2014)

Ekinci and Ors and Civil Aviation Safety Authority [2014] AATA […]

Quadrio case misquoted by the AAT

There was an AAT hearing against a “Rhea Ekinci”, who is well known to many people.

The case quotes the Quadrio matter:

6th Jul 2014, 16:30 #95 (permalink) Up-into-the-air Join Date: May 2010 Location: More than 300km from SY, Australia Posts: 674 What a crock the aat is The Quadrio case gets another hit in […]