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Legal remedies on effect of CASA on CVD Pilots – Safety case?? NO!!

The following was published yesterday in the Australian and again demonstrates that CASA has again not made a safety case for the changes:


There are legal remedies for CASA’s decisions based on pilots’ colour impairment KATHRYN HOWARD The Australian June 27, 2014 12:00AM

THE Civil Aviation Safety Authority recently wrote to pilots querying […]

MH370 + Christine Negroni – The Australian Connection

The latest post by Christine Negroni has just come out:


Flying Lessons Will Knowing Where MH 370 Ran out of Fuel Help Searchers Find It?Posted: 24 Jun 2014 10:58 PM PDT

Writing from Canberra — How many times can investigators slice and dice the electronic back and forth between the missing Malaysia Flight 370 […]

Australian Flying publishes on the CVD issues

The following is on Dr. Pape and the CVD issues and well done in bringing the issues to us and at the very least the inconsistentent approach of the regulator in it’s failure to raise a proper safety case:


CASA Moves on Colour Vision

26 Jun 2014

CASA has raised the hackles of […]

MH370 – latest presumed data for flight

A new blog on MH370 by well known investiagative journalist, Christine Negroni, bears a read:

mh-370-first-virtual crash


The map below is from a variety of sources of latest information via pprune.org


Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: New data prompts MH370 hunt to revisit previously searched area

Updated Fri 20 Jun 2014, 11:15am […]

CVD – Coulour Vision Deficiency – Pilots attacked by Regulator – CASA in Australia

The following articles ran today [20th June 2014] in Australia, which give a clear indication of the way the Australian regulator treat Australian pilots with disregard.


1 SBS – News

19 Jun 2014 – 1:12pm Colour-blind pilot challenges licence restrictions

A Qantas jet flies past the control tower at Sydney Airport. (Source: AAP) […]

Colour Vision “deficient” (CVD) pursued by CASA

The following was released today, which goes to the latest push of CASA against pilots, with no “safety case” given:


VIPA labels new colour vision deficiency regs “discriminatory”

Item by australianaviation.com.au at 11:54 am, Thursday June 19 2014 Leave a Comment

The Virgin Independent Pilots Association (VIPA) says new rules relating to colour […]

ABC interview with AAAA’s Phil Hurst on ASRR

Finally there is some public comment on the Forsyth review. CASA still has no press release on the matter. AAAA and Phil Hurst was intervied today.

There has been some comment in Cairns on the ABC as well.

I will append it with this material when it becomes available.


19 June, 2014 9:24AM AEST […]

MH370 – The legal side

A browse of a European writing on MH370, reveals the following article, at page 37 in Strategic Risk magazine by the following authors:

The disappeared Hill Dickinson LLP Joanna Kolatsis and Saleema Brohi Global June 10 2014 Author page » Author page »

The loss of Flight MH370 raises the question of the legal and […]

Part 61 – What impact will it have on the pilot community??

CASA is currently pressing on with PART 61, against the wishes of the aviation community and with out proper promulgation of the MOS [Manual of Standards]. A search today, 18th June 2014, does not have a published MOS for Part 61.

The Part cannot stand on it’s own without the standard.

The full part is: […]

CASA “Safety” seminars – Are they worth going to???

The last time I went to on of these seminars, the presenters refused to answer questions on Part 61 and a range of important issues.

To raise issues is just another way to not get answers from CASA.


The latest is directed seminar series, which in the mccormick missive on 26th May 2014 says:


ASRR submission breakup – Why the large number of confidential submissions??

A look at the submissions to the ASRR, show that a large number of people [over 31% one in three] did not want their material made public.

One can very confidently assume that these people are concerned about retribution by the regulator. This was a feature of the Senate AAI review as well, where this […]

ASRR submissions released by Forsyth review

These submissions were released today [13th June 2014] and bear some careful reading.

The large number of confidential submissions [over 70 of the 269] bears witness that a large individuals and organisations are concerned about retribution on making a submission.

The public submissions released today can be read here [I have sorted them into groups […]

Regional aviation – ATR report by ATSB released

The following article appeared in the Border Morning Mail this morning and it would be interesting to see the relationship of the initial turbulence penetration” in this and what really happened:


Damaged plane flew 13 times By ANTHONY BUNN

June 13, 2014, 1:30 p.m.

The Virgin plane which is being investigated […]

MH370 – What others are saying

Christine Negroni has been interested in Australian aviation for a period of time, writing an insightful article about PelAir in February 2013.

As we know this Senate inquiry has morphed into the ASRR, which has not held back in it’s censure of both the CASA and ATSB, with some serious and deep seated changes required […]

Mr. Truss – Jobs to be done this week in aviation

We saw the release of the ASRR report last week, which has a substantial “read” to it, and 37 recommendations.

To take you back to your talk to ‘SafeSkies’ last October, which was reported by Steve Creedy in The Australian and what Minister Truss said.

Top marks for:

The ETA for the review was met […]

ASRR Report released by Truss

The heavy lifting still has to come on this as the report still allows CASA to prevail.

This fails to fully get to the real underlying problems of the industry, which is supported by the member for Franklin who shows her complete ignorance of the issues, a problem arises for the industry.

The following are […]