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MH370 – Latest press release by ATSB

The following on MH370:


29th May 2014, 15:09 #10940 (permalink) 500N Join Date: Jan 2008 Location: South of where I’d like to be ! Age: 49 Posts: 3,721 Just releasedMedia Release 29 May 2014—pm Yesterday afternoon, Bluefin-21 completed its last mission searching the remaining areas in the vicinity of the acoustic signals detected in […]

Senator Fawcett grills ATSB head – Dolan

The Senate estimates makes interesting listening tonight [26th May 2014], with Senator Fawcett grilling Martin Dolan of the ATSB.

Senator Fawcett sheeted the funding issues and the up-coming loss of 12 staff in the ATSB to Albanese on more than one occasion – the new Government is keeping to the responsible people. the ATSB says […]

CASA – How many personell do they have to deal with in the industry??

The following is a summary of the 2003 [733 EFT] / 2013 [850 EFT] numbers, with the 1990’s numbers included to make a comparison.

These show a 117 increase in numbers 2003 to 2013, but since 2010 [702 EFT] there is a fall in numbers from 2003 to 2010 [for example 2009 – 709 EFT].


An old report reminds us of the Annex 13 requirements ASRR report due soon

An old report reminds us of the Annex 13 requirements and maybe reminds us of the ATSB reports and the errors exposed by “interested parties” in getting the actual answers.

Unfortunately there are too many since Whyalla, where ATSB has some serious answers to give:

Whyalla Lockhart River Benalla Canley Vale Norfolk Island

for a […]

Should the CASA Board meet the new ASX requirements??

The following summary of “ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations – 3rd edition”

has been released.

The following summary by Kelly deserves a read and ask the question – “Should the CASA Board and CASA comply with these requirements??”:

ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations – 3rd edition Kelly & Co Jamie Restas, Andrew Corletto […]

Rules for a Regulator

The following are published as the “Rules to be followed by Commonwealth bodies”

Question is, is CASA complying??



Senate Committee Inquiry into 2014 Budget

The Senate Committee Inquiry into 2014 Budget is next week

Senate estimates on the Budget 2014:

Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Infrastructure and Regional Development: Monday, 26 May and Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Perhaps the Senate will get to the bottom of the $89.9m


Is this CASA’s latest movement machine??

Are the wheels really coming off the CASA machine??

Perhaps moving the over-burden while looking for the $89.9m in the Budget.




MrDak – Pink Batts and what did really happen??

The role of Mike Mrdak in the CASA/ ATSB wrangle over PelAir was an interesting Senate watch, together with the effect of his obvious advice on Dolan [ATSB] and McCormick [CASA]

I have collected some current articles to demonstrate just how this bureaucrat has acted in the “pink batts” matter, before going to the Infrastructure […]

AOPA finally get’s a public face – Where have you been in the past AOPA??

AOPA Australia has finally hit the “air-waves” with the following article in The Australian this morning.

It is a pity that they have not been on the front foot as the organisation used to be in the late ’90s and early 2000’s leading the industry and getting some very appropriate changes.

The most recent was […]

$89.9m – still no closer to finding the money – mystery deepens!!

After reading the Budget papers, there is indeed a mystery as to where the $89.9 is and whether Mrdack can continue hiding the money.

From this, there is a 22 staff member fall in CASA, yet there is no drop in the excise levy. The levy was for around 100 extra CASA staff.


Question […]

Contribute to a CASA audit – Australian National Audit Office

Public submissions are invited by the ANAO [Australian National Audit Office] to on-going audits.

I have not heard of this happening before, but you can subscribe to an update service to be advised, if you use this link, which gives the opportunity to subscribe and as you do, you can just nominate for the Infrastructure […]

Truss’s Press Club Talk – No mention of regulatory reform

Just released is the 30th April 2014 talk by Truss. In one full hour, all Truss had to say about aviation is:


Of course, the big news of late is that after decades of dithering, the new Coalition Government has done in months what no other government since the mid-1960s has achieved… […]

R22 helicopters, LAME’s, Owners and legal actions

In March 2014, the following was reported and bears reading:

McDermott & Ors v Robinson Helicopter Company [2014]QSC 34 PARTIES: GRAHAM JAMES McDERMOTT (first plaintiff) JUANITA CAROL McDERMOTT (second plaintiff) NTB PASTORAL HOLDINGS PTY LTD (third plaintiff) v ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY (first defendant) FILE NO/S: BS 4573 of 2007 DIVISION: Trial Division PROCEEDING: Trial DELIVERED […]

Flying images collected in Australia

We all like the sound of aircraft, otherwise we would never get involved in aviation.

The following images have been collected over a period of years and are in no particular order.

Aircraft images in Australia



Campbell v Hay case in NSW District Court and Recreational Aviation vs Damages/ responsibility

This case [Judgement on 14th April 2014] made interesting reading recently and was concluded following an appeal in the NSW Supreme Court, which is uploaded here, or on the Supreme Court site [slow to load]

pprune reported information and discussion on this at an earlier time.


There was a recent case, reported at Lexology, […]

CASA and ? Corporate frenzy to justify direction of operation

The material written below by CASA, has been overtaken by events since 2011 [probably written in late 2011/ early 2102, as it is not dated], yet CASA still publish this on their web-site: –

To say:

CASA’s governance framework provides the context within which the organisation operates to achieve its objectives, ensuring transparent, ethical and […]

pprune posts on changes to regs – ASRR please note

This says it all and the US-FAR’s would do admirably as well, but the Act will need a serious upgrade as well.

5th May 2014, 08:52 #742 (permalink) thorn bird Join Date: Jul 2010 Location: sydney Posts: 487 I think New Zealand have admirably demonstrated a rule set that works. Given how robust their aviation […]

CASA strike again, with more expenditure and new “projects”



Subject: CASA Standards Development – New Projects From: CASA mailing lists <noreply@casa.grapevine.com.au> (Add as Preferred Sender) Date: Mon, May 05, 2014 9:54 am To:


CASA wishes to advise the opening of:

Project CS 14/09 – Post-implementation review of CASR Part 90 Project CS 14/10 – Update of AC 21-46(1) Project MS 14/11 […]