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Minister Truss and the Press Club address

Minister Truss addressed the Canberra Press Club today and it took over 20 minutes before any remarks relating to aviation were made.

The remarks were about Badgery’s Creek, without relating to the relationship of aviation within the context of broader impact of regional, national and international importance.

Lots about roads [which we know to be […]

Lockhart River May 7, 2005….9 years ago – Minister Truss – remember

The following was published on pprune today:

29th Apr 2014, 20:35 #1 (permalink) Paragraph377 Join Date: Oct 2013 Location: New Zealand Age: 61 Posts: 215 Lockhart River May 7, 2005….9 years ago The ninth anniversary of the Transair crash at Lockhart River at 11:44 am, May 7 2005, is almost upon us. Now is a […]

Questions for Minister Truss on 30th April 2014

Mr. Truss is to address the National Press Club on 30th April 2014:

The Hon Warren Truss MP

Deputy Prime Minister April 30, 2014 Arrive from 11.30am, lunch 12 noon, speaker 12.30 concludes 1.30pm

‘Address to the National Press Club’

Book Now For This Event

The Hon. Warren Truss MP is Deputy […]

Avgas impost 1st July 2010 – Minor transitional compliance and administration costs are expected from this rate change

I know this is “old ” data, but it goes to the $89.9m increase in the avgas/ avtur fuel excise by CASA on the industry, but it was/ is a 25% impost, without any prior notice on industry and on reading the data, has no finish point, being able to potentially just “roll-on”.

Date of […]

$89.9m is explained by Departmental head, Mrdak as “nessesary”

Make up your own mind, from the graph of BITRE below:


and the 2010-2011 summary provided:


CASA’s budgeted liabilities of $40.1m in 2010-11 represent an increase of $0.6m from the 2009-10 estimated closing position. The increase is primarily generated by employee provisions. CASA’s primary liability continues to be accrued employee salary […]

MH370 Debris found?? south of Perth on beach

Is this at last the smoking gun?

Still to be confirmed and material in hands of police.

AMROBA calls for proper action against CASA – ASRR, Minister Truss

The following post on pprune [AMROBA still kicking…plus TAAAF behind closed doors??]leads us to Ken Cannane and AMROBA, with more excellent directional material.

The following discussion by Ken bears some careful thought:

At the last CASA SCC Operations sub-committee, we were promised a lot more regulatory packages that are so big, they will be submitted […]

Where is the cash – CASA? Training? Senate? ASRR review – status??

and where is the $89.9m???

Here is a little puzzle for everyone, being Easter and we have time to reflect on lots of things.As you all know, there was a recent inquiry by the Senate, which uncovered a report by a “Roger Chambers” – otherwise known as the Chamberpot report, in the middle of the […]

Aeromedical transport and the effect of CASA – Where is the senate pelAir inquiry in this??

We need a discussion on the divergence of aerial patient transport, that, as CASA indicates, and why it really needs to diverge greatly from the rest of the world.

The question we need to ask, is why should this be the case?

ICAO has set very clear guidelines as to how this should happen and […]

ASRR submission revealed in Sandilands article

The submissions that are to the ASRR inquiry, not being published by the ASRR. The most recent was by David Klein, personally placed on Ben Sandilands Plane Talking current post on the Hawaiian issue.

This is re-produced below:

David Klein

Posted April 17, 2014 at 11:44 am | Permalink

Ben, you are correct in […]

Is this the future requirements for aviation in Australia – ASRR, Minister Truss

The following post on pprune is a very good “way forward”, which I have summarised from this and included a full list for the ASRR and the Minister immediately below:

• Regulatory reform programme – Introducing the US-FAR’s • CASA – Dismantling of and creation of a new aviation safety body; • ATSB – The […]

Badgery’s Creek is approved by Truss/ Abbott

The following was released this afternoon [and comments from Ben Sandilands today]:

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Prime Minister

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development

The Government has confirmed that the site for Western Sydney’s new airport will be Badgerys Creek.

For more than 50 years governments […]

PelAir – What will the ASRR bring to the surface??

The following post on pprune gives some light to the major issues surrounding the Senate PelAir inquiry:

15th Apr 2014, 10:01 #1871 (permalink) Up-into-the-air Join Date: May 2010 Location: More than 300km from SY, Australia Posts: 637 PelAir Don’t forget, the Senate inquiry was the one that …discovered… the following:

1. Failure by PelAir to […]

CASA calls for 11 day submissions on a public holiday

The following was released on Friday 11th April 2014:

CASA wishes to advise that Consultation Draft – CD 1404OS – Amendments to CAO 82.3 and 82.5 to incorporate provision for an SMS and HF&NTS amendment process has been published and is now available for comment.

All comments should be submitted via the Project Leader, Nick […]

CASA FOI issues warning!!

CASA specialist about to issue pilot with a warning


If CASA and Mrdak have their way!!

On the way to the airport!!



CASA specialist about??

If you go to the AAT

ASRR Review – What is the progress and where is Minister Truss?

Parliament releases next sitting days as May 13, 14 and 15th May, with Estimates on: 26, 27,28 and 29th May, then continued 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th June.

2014 Parliamentary sittings

The Parliament’s 2014 sitting calendar was released on 25 November 2013. It has been agreed to by both houses.

The ASRR report is due […]

MH370 search continues

There has been a lot of information floating around, but the following released this morning is an interesting view of the search.

The comments by PM Abbott need some careful thought and the involvement of the Chinese PM as well, with the concurrent trip.

12th Apr 2014, 09:02 #9892 (permalink) toaddy Probationary PPRuNer

Join Date: […]

CASA and the RFS – Where/ what about the operations?

Senator Bill Heffernan has asked some very serious questions about the operations of the RFS [Rural Fire Service] in it’s activities and about the way CASA interfaces. In the light of the PelAir incident, and the subsequent inquiry, one must ask some serious questions about he operation of the “fire bombing”.

What is the safety […]

Cynical CASA and the project system

The following was published today. What a cynical exercise when the injured flight nurse still has not been properly dealt with by the insurance system. Now in the 5th year, no CVR or CDR either.

This is not the way to deal with the Senate inquiry.

Casa releases a new project today:

CASA wishes to […]

MH370 immsarrat data – How it works

The following comes from pprune – interesting how calculations are done.


4th Apr 2014, 11:32 #9206 (permalink) Shadoko Join Date: Oct 2007 Location: France Age: 63 Posts: 55 Inmarsat publication: original docs The most official (and, IMHO,,accurate) info about maths done for looking at MH370 tracks is there: You searched for mh370 – Inmarsat […]

CASA Board – What does it really do?

The following comes from the CASA annual reports. It in particular, defines that the Board has particular functions.

These include: “effective and appropriate relationships with the wider aviation community.”

It is understood that matters taken direct to the Board in recent times are deflected and remain un-answered.

The question is: – Does the CASA Board […]

MH370 – Sea Floor details

The following provide an interesting view of the west of Perth sea floor.

31st Mar 2014, 20:22 #8889 (permalink) glad rag Join Date: Aug 2007 Location: 110m overhead Age: 53 Posts: 1,790 Nice flat sea bed there…… same as “latest” idea where it went down..the linked article is quite interesting indeed..

Ref.. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/590562/…-with-1-trench […]