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MH370 – Angus Houston takes charge

MH370 – Angus Houston takes charge ove r the search and the collection of materials. He is to lead the international search effort.

Where is ATSB’s Martin Dolan???.

Maybe someone is actually reading the PelAir stuff-up of ATSB and the complicity in this by Dolan and McCormick.

Is the PM [Tony Abbott] distancing himself from […]

Letter to a local member – ASRR and the required industry response by Minister Truss

The following was published recently on pprune. It bears some careful thought and support by both the aviation community and the relevant MP’s.

There is a six week gap where people can make contact your local politican about these critical matters and before the May release of the Forsyth ASRR [Aviation Safety Regulatory Review]

What […]

ATSB’s Martin Dolan and the MH370 search vs. PelAir

Well Martin Dolan seems to be able to help “look for MH370” under his obligations under ICAO – Annex 13.

We know where the Westwing is at Norfolk Island, but he can’t get excited to find the “Black Box”.

Dolan went to the issue of “fuel usage” by the jet – strangely familiar. Annex 13 […]

Aviation and wind turbines – The effect [Aerosafe report]

The following document surfaced in a routine search recently.

It may help someone in their research on the effects of wind turbines on airports or aircraft.

Aerosafe re view structures casa

The Dromader question, RFS CASA and Senator Heffernan

The weekends always bring interesting questions to be raised and investigated.

I listened to Senator Heffernan in November 2013, when he asked some very pointed questions about the RFS [Rural Fire Service of NSW] of McCormick of CASA.

The matter was again taken up from the May 2013 senate estimates, with only a single answer […]

Is CASA responding to critisism because of the ASRR??

The following is from the latest McCormick missive, in which he try’s to justify CASA as a “leading body…”.

CASA experts are eagerly pursued to participate in ICAO’s development of global rules for aviation safety.

The AVMED debacle is also covered, as CASA desperately tries to claw back it’s lost ground.

The online payment receipt […]

Latest edition of Flying is on-wavelength for change – ASRR Inquiry and fixing CASA

The latest Australian Flying is on wavelength for change, with Steve Hitchen supporting major change in the industry.

I have just made the local newsagent for my copy.


I met Steve at the December meeting at Moorabin in December and he was certainly impressed with the attitude of Senator David Fawcett and […]

Technology enters the MH370 search

The following is from pprune on MH370 and is most interesting as to how the southern route was chosen.

Well done Inmarsat:

25th Mar 2014, 23:19 #8077 (permalink) flt001 Join Date: Mar 2014 Location: UK Posts: 14 Inmarsat Calculations Some more information on the Inmarsat calculations:



Byron and McCormick resignations from CASA – Do these seem similar??

The following are the resignations for the two CASA CEO’s.

The similarity of the two is somewhat interesting, albeit some six years apart. The mess that has resulted in PelAir, Part 61, 145 etc and the complete and almost total loss of confidence in CASA [and ATSB] by the aviation industry.

This can really be […]

John McCormick and Senator Ian McDonald – Fear of Retribution

From the Senate estimates committee meeting, the following on “fear of retribution”:

Estimates Hansard, 29 May 2013, p. 148 Committee met at 9:00.

CHAIR (Senator Sterle): I declare open this public hearing of the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee. The Senate has referred to the committee the particulars of the proposed […]

Finally some humour!!

I had forgotten this one, but here it is [with apologies Tand G]:

25th Mar 2014, 11:15 #906 (permalink) TOUCH-AND-GO Join Date: Mar 2012 Location: GPS Signal Lost Posts: 126 Subject: LETTER FROM AN AUSTRALIAN CATTLE STATION PILOT. Dear Bill, I’m writing to you because I need your help to get me flamin’ pilot’s licence […]

Senator Fawcett on 24 Mar 2014

The following from the senate Hansard:

Committees – Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee; Government Response to Report

All Senate debates on 24 Mar 2014 10:01 am

David Fawcett (SA, Liberal Party) Share this | Link to this | Hansard source

I seek leave to make a brief explanation under standing order […]

CASA monthly “bulletin” – what truth is there in this??

The following is from the pprune site, reminding us of the 2008/ 2009 FAA/ ICAO audit, [The final report, with some 2600 non-compliance’s]:

6th Mar 2014, 12:53 #41 (permalink) dubbleyew eight Join Date: May 2013 Location: have I forgotten or am I lost? Age: 61 Posts: 725 I think creampuff has been right all along.


PelAir reply given the “once over” by Sandilands CASA/ ATSB score poorly for safety response.

Another great Sandillands report and comments [from pprune] below go to the heart of just why aviation safety in Australia is failing.

24th Mar 2014, 10:18 #1822 (permalink) Sarcs Join Date: Apr 2007 Location: Go west young man Posts: 1,231 Beyond the pale! Creamy thanks for the refocus.. Although I don’t believe Ben has said […]

CASA and the Board – Improper legal process?? Interference with democratic process??

The use of improper legal process seems to be in play here in a post on pprune today [14th March 2014].

That a member of the aviation community should be prevented from raising very serious matters directly and in person with the board of a Government Corporation should be deplored.

The Directors are Dr. Allan […]

CASA, complaints and the ICC [Industry Complaints Commissioner] Are there any answers??

In May 2013, there was a meeting in Brisbane, which canvassed a number of issues with CASA.

The meeting was attended by McCormick, Alleck, Hampton and a number of other CASA staff.

The following YouTube video covers some of the material

Senator McDonald, who attended made the following comments in the Senate:

Senator IAN […]

ASRR and Minister Truss – Have CASA and ATSB misled you??

The following pprune post bears some careful thought as to whether CASA and ATSB either together [basis for this exposed by Seantors Xenophon, Fawcett, Sterle and Heffernan] or individually to “drag out” the reply.

The November 18th 2013 estimates hearing certainly bears some thought, with the questions asked and the 28th May 2013 estimates, when […]

Missing Malaysian MH370 and Australian view of the search

The following report on Malaysian by SMH is produced in full and details what an active searcher can see in what is a very big ocean:

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: conditions and variables could challenge the search for flight MH370

Date March 21, 2014 Matt O’Sullivan Business Reporter

View more articles from Matt O’Sullivan


ASRR and McCormick removal in australianaviation.com.au

CASA’s McCormick to step down

Item by australianaviation.com.au at 5:56 pm, Friday February 14 2014

John McCormick

Controversial CASA boss John McCormick will be standing down at the end of August.

In a statement released late Friday afternoon, CASA board chairman Dr Allan Hawk said McCormick decided not to seek a further […]

Summary of PelAir Government response

The “Government Response” was made today [20th March 2014], although Albanese was given one [Interesting to see that, and compare with current]

My summary is as follows:

Senator Xenophon and PelAir “Government reply”

This was given to the Senate around 4.45PM on Thurday 20th March 2014 and well reported on pprune.

21st Mar 2014, 01:01 #641 (permalink) Sarcs Join Date: Apr 2007 Location: Go west young man Posts: 1,226 Hansard for Nx & DF 20/03/14 Senator XENOPHON (South Australia) (15:45): I seek leave for the Senate to reconsider […]

Government response to PelAir Senate report March 2014

The following released today through the Departmental site:


Download Here: Report from the APH site on PelAir

Summary of Responses:


ASRR developments and CASA Board changes – New regs is the aim!!

The following is by Dr. Jensen of Western Australia.

The matter is well reported at: pprune and the Truss Review [ASRR]

Dr JENSEN (Tangney) (11:17): I am very pleased to follow the member for Swan in supporting the Civil Aviation Amendment (CASA Board) Bill 2014. I rise to speak […]

Aviation view from Canada – A thought for the ASRR

Here is a most interesting introspective into aviation.


Why private aviation is dying in Canada


Posted by Chris Strube on Monday, 17 March 2014 in General


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My Take on Aviation



“Not for everyone”



Fear based on ignorance permeates the mindset of the general public when […]

Is there a Sir Humphery in the House – the ASRR, Minister Truss and aviation

The following which I was directed to only recently, deserves attention in light of the current Senate Committees, where Mike Mrdak featured in protecting both Dolan and McCormick in the PelAir matter.

The words in the TOR’s for the current ASRR are dictinctly those that come from a over-riding ‘direction to the troops’ by Mrdak.


Senator Xenophon and PelAir – Why did Albanese not reply to the Senate??

The following has just been released in a readable form:

Senate debates Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Adjournment 7:44 pm

Aviation Transport Safety Bureau

Nick Xenophon (SA, Independent) Share this | Link to this | Hansard source

I would like to speak tonight on an incredibly seriously issue that goes to the heart of […]

Release of PelAir Ministers reply – Influence of ASRR

Is the release of PelAir Ministers response due on 27th March 2014 ??

This rumour has been circulating around the industry, or will it be held until May when the ASRR report is due??

The 64 million dollar question for a Sunday.

This response was given to Albanese on 5th June 2013, two months before […]

CASA – What are your responsibilities?? as a Government litigant??

The following needs a read and thought, in particular the following from the article, which demonstrates that an organisation policing itself [CASA] does not necessarily meet the requirements, nor does it “try to self report”:

The submission notes that it is appropriate that the courts and the executive share responsibility for enforcement of the […]

Has the ASRR looked at the 1988 Swedavia – McGregor Report from NZ??

The following comprehensive report was undertaken in NZ in 1988 [Swedavia – McGregor Report] and the appendix.

It is worth a read in it’s comprehensive entirity.

One could ask: –

Is this the detail and direction [US-FAR’s please] that should have substantial focus by David Forsyth and his team??

In part the reccomendations include:


Aviation progress in 2013 – listed out

The following is a summary of the progress made to deal with the CASA and ATSB problem. A summary for 2014 will be posted shortly. This gives us a reminder of the progress actually made in 2013 and some of the things done to slow the progress.