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CASA AVMED letters to DAME’s – legal cases

The following is a CASA publication list that has some interesting data, with the matters raised recently in the Australian Senate:

DAME Newsletter archive


Archive of DAME newsletters




December November October September August July March


Year Edition Topics 2012 Autumn Diabetes: Screening or Certification Diagnosis/symptoms Spring The FAST screen for […]

CASA Board and it’s duties under CAC Act??

The CASA Board has a series of responsibilities to the aviation community that fall under the COMMONWEALTH AUTHORITIES AND COMPANIES ACT 1997 [CAAC Act, CAC Act], which has become the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Act 2014 [It moves from 90 to 474 pages]

The repeal of the “CAAC Act” covers […]

Quadrio witness used by CASA turns up in Court in Cairns

The John Quadrio case has been hot for a substantial period.

The prime witness against Quadrio was a “Coglan”.

The following relates to the witness used by CASA.

Readers of the Cairns Post on 22nd of February 2014 would have read the following story:

Videos from Senate Estimates Committees

The following are referred to here for you to listen and see what happens in these questioning sessions by the Australian senators:

1. November 18th 2013

2. Bill Heffernan – To the Point

3. Senator Nash and the CASA PotPlant [pete];

4. Pel Air Inquiry and Fatigue Management

Senate Estimates – 24th February 2014

Part […]

ATSB – Senate inquiry 24th February 2014

Questions to Martin Dolan and ATSB:

The Senators have Senator david fawcett up first.

Senator Fawcett:

TSB Canada [based on PelAir, Canley Vale and heli winching accident] investigation asks Dolan on progress, with final report in May 2014.

Review will occur on standard process says Dolan..

TSB Canada – open to give a briefing to […]

AvMed – CASA folds on Class 2 allowing DAME’s to issue

So McCormick [24th February 2014] in Senate estimtes says they will now allow DAME’s to issue Class 2 certificates [PPL holders].

What a back down.

The questions by Senator Fawcett continues to search for the person responsible for the CVD issues. CASA refuses to answer again.

The Senator has gone to that there are no […]

Senate estimates – McCormick statement 24th February 2014

McCormick has just given a range of reasons why CASA is the “perfect regulator”.

The aviation industry gets a monthly missive from McCormick, which is just as un-palatable self effacing material as what McCormick had to say today.

The ASRR submissions do not go to the absolute problems that CASA have caused to the industry […]

How CASA does a review on Part 67 – AVMED issues

The following is following a 2002 application by CASA to be exempted from Anti-discrimination laws in 2002.

The supporting documents and application by CASA has disappeared from the site.

The following shows the histroy of the site, demonstrating that it has taken 9 years to complete the process [I am not supporting the initial application […]

2012 Senate Inquiry – Reply by Albanese/ Government

Big question as to when this will occur.

The following from Ben Sandilands says it all.

The industry must have a full reply, with real change supported by the many submissions to the ASRR.

CASA “Safety Seminars”

The following has been released for seminars in 2014.

The last para says it all –

The presentations are based on the content of the CASA website.


Demonstrate and reinforce your professionalism and safety culture by attending a CASA AvSafety seminar in 2014.

I don’t think that the seminars will “assist”, as the last […]

ASRR, CASA and the McCormick resignation

The following appears in todays Australian [21st February 2014], as the last few para’s of the Creedy article on the ALEA submission. It has jus a single para on the resignation of McCormick.

Was the reason for the press release by CASA on 14th February 2014 at 16:48 to achieve just this result – to […]

ASRR Update by Steve Creedy

The Australian has the following article today [21st February 2014]: