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ASRR, CASA and ADS-B Why the early implementation??

Are there other problems??

Look at the early implementation of ADS-B in Australia and the extra costs due to the differences in systems. The following posts are interesting on how it works and the problems surrounding early implementation by CASA in Australia.

How it works:

29th Jan 2014, 10:03 #210 (permalink) underfire Join Date: Aug […]

Adelaide Advertiser raises Whyalla again

Whyalla was an important atsb inquiry and one that never got to the centre of the matter. That took legal action in the US to get to the basis of the real cause A lot of damaged people and more problems typified by PelAir wand the senate inquiry

ASRR [Aviation Safety Regulatory Review] submissions

I found the following on the Recreational Aviation site and it other posts are well worth reading:

djpacro said: ↑ Only a few weeks left to make submissions with evidence rather than whinge.

There are some people getting on in a very determined way, doing just that: contacting people in the industry, compiling evidence, presenting […]

ASRR, CASA and the poor process CASA has followed

The following comes from CASA documents that I have seen it recently in “matters aviation” and the view is still current. I first saw it in an article by Mick Quinn [ex-CASA Dep. DAS]

The interesting thing is that the process being promulgated is linear, with no feedback loops or opportunity.

In fact in […]

CASA conduct in prosecutions [Expert witnesses]

In a recent appeal against a finding in Western Australia , in the WAust Supreme Court on 18th November 2013:

The convictions followed a three-day trial [MAGISTRATES COURT OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA ] conducted between 21 and 23 November 2012, after which the learned magistrate reserved his decision. That trial was significantly focussed upon events that […]

Richard Rudd gets his FOI via the Information Commissioner

On 11th December 2013, the following decision was made by the Australian Information Commissioner. This has very specific information which shows us all the degree to which CASA will go to “prove it’s case”.

In the following, the paragragh:

On 4 August 2008, the charge against Mr Rudd was struck out in the Mareeba Magistrates’ […]

How CASA seeks to get a decision in the AAT – Is this legal??

This hearing in the AAT involving a matter is of great importance in seeing how CASA has been using the system to beat pilots, operators, AOC holders and others.

The following are a series of “grabs” from the decision which have great importance for us all:

The medical evidence


For some time […]

AMROBA keeps up the pressure over regulations + ASRR

AMROBA has kept up the pressure over the problem with regulations [of CASA] with the following notes and a series of very well attanded meetings through out Australia. The last was at Moorabbin, just before Xmas and has released the following on it’s website:

Breaking News

Maintaining Aviation Safety – New Aircraft/Regulation

What is […]

ATSB – The lightweight reporter

Release on VFR into IFR:


19th Dec 2013, 13:15 #242 (permalink) VH-XXX Join Date: Feb 2006 Location: Mel-burn Posts: 4,449 ATSB Report released today Investigation: AO-2012-130 – VFR flight into IMC involving de Havilland DH-84 Dragon VH-UXG, 36 km SW of Gympie, Qld, 1 October 2012 […]

ASRR – Truss Review and his parliamentary speech

A hot day today sends you to review what Mr. Truss said in Parliament as he announced the review.

In part, it says:


The review will seek the views of the CASA Board and senior management and staff, and the ATSB Commission and senior management and staff in developing its advice to Government on […]

CASA compliance with ICAO Why are they not compliant?

The issues of variance with icao here are broad and largely involve non-compliance and the fall out from that issue. ICAO compliance [over 2600 issues] has been avoided by casa largely saying: “We are looking into these matters”

ICAO/ FAA Audit 2008

ATSB Non Compliance by ICAO/FAA

ICAO – Final_CASA_AUS_En ICAO_ATSB_ NCN US authorities prepared […]

CASA and the Coroners Courts – The Goulburn Sting

The published findings for the Guthrie and Smith accident at Goulburn carries very specific direction to CASA, which I have only recently acquired.

The Coroners report is: 200703348 D2009/3272 is in part below, with further directions to CASA. There have been no notes on the CASA web site regarding this accident, although an incident at […]

25 Rules of Disinformation CASA and the ASRR

The article below appears on over 50 different websites, and according to at least one site has been floating on the Net since at least the late ’90s.

I do not know where the original came from, but certainly worth another read and thought.

25 Rules of Disinformation:

Note: The first rule and last five […]

CASA responds to ASRR inquiry – Again ignores the complexity of rules

Is this CASA’s response to the ASRR [Aviation Safety Regulatory Review] or does it just demonstrate again that CASA cannot get it right??

The system is too difficult to navigate through and CASA is just hitting the big end of town again, with no attempt to visit country major centres.

I know of lots of […]

NSW Inquiry into regional aviation

The TOR have been released and comment is sought for this inquiry by 14th March 2014.


The Legislative Council’s Standing Committee on State Development announced the terms of reference for an Inquiry into regional aviation services. The Chair of the State Development Committee, the […]

ASRR Aviation Safety Regulatory Review Where to from here??

The work is now in front of us to place properly protected submissions to the review panel.

Hopefully the Senator’s who drove this review are working towards proper protection of information, people and submissions.

The TOR [term’s of reference] need a substantial re-jig in order to ensure the full available information flows forward.

A move […]

Current proposed Bills in the US – Medical changes

The proposed Bill directs the FAA to change medicaql requirements for pilots with up to 5 passengers.

The changes would allow for people to fly with a car licence and it’s attached medical requirements.

Would the ASRR go this far??

113TH CONGRESS 1ST SESSION H. R. 3708 To direct the Administrator of the Federal Aviation […]

The law, lawyers, aviation and the ASRR Will this work??

The following article from “The Australian” on Monday gives a distinct view into the workings of the Australian system and how we are all being slowly “roasted”:

Read the article on the effect of lawyers


2013 data on what CASA does

The 2013 data compared to 1997:

Is the ASRR “Air Turbulence” on the way or did it exist before??

The following is a 1997 article, which is as follows and I have brought up to date the data from it for 2013:


The article:

Air Turbulence – The Dogfight Over Safety In Australia

The Age

Wednesday November 27, 1996


WILL ROBERT’S next career move be in aviation […]

VFR Flight Report from CAA UK 2007 Helicopters Why was this not used in the ABC Chopper Report??

The following is a report on degraded helicopter flight from UK CAA. It makes very interesting reading.

A pity the ATSB could not have used this in the current ABC report, except to make a minor reference as follows:

A recent review conducted for the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (2007) into helicopter accidents in […]

ASRR and CASA response to ATSB report on NVFR and Maree Helicopter

I have never seen such a rapid response to an ATSB report.

A cynic would say that it is due to the presence of the ASRR panel, in order that CASA can show that it responds quickly to the need for a regulatory response.

I note that in the past SR’s from ATSB have been […]

CASA, senate and Disallowable Instruments – ASRR what is it doing??

The following is from pprune, which lists a great number of instruments which the Senators must consider dis-allowing in order that the regulatory reform investigation [ASRR] can proceed properly with David Forsyth.

Sarcs Join Date: Apr 2007 Location: Go west young man Posts: 1,127 WLR: Disallowable instruments…audit please?? In case you were wondering what in […]

How does CASA deal with “miscreants” and “investigate”

The ANAO found the following in its 2001 report:

Question is – Is this how CASA undertakes this part of it’s work??


CASA – Investigatory method Does this follow the Model Litigant

In the ANAO report of 2001, CASA says the following in regards to investigation.

Question is

“Is this followed??” and

“Does CASA actually do the investigations in this manner??”

ASRR, ANAO, CASA and previous reviews

In reading regarding previous submissions and the current submissions, the ANAO [Australian National Audit Office] is interesting and they have the following comment to make [within many] about how CASA does it’s work. This is one of the most important comments made by ANAO [Full Report made to the Senate in 2002] in this review […]

Staff numbers in CASA What has changed New regs needed

In the parliamentery report of 1991, there was a look at staff numbers and where they lay. Almost 25 years have passed – the 2013 annual report numbers from CASA are below with the 1996 numbers:



And from 10 years earlier:


The number of aircraft being “looked after”, and […]

ASRR, CASA, the SeaView review and PlaneSafe

The follow up report by the Morris Committee [Plane Safe] is interesting in that it refers to an earlier “Terrel report”, by a “Captain Terrel”, which I have not found yet.

The comments about this are as follows:

February 1993

Captain Alan Terrell appointed by the CAA Board to report on the effectiveness […]

CASA, SeaView and the lessons for the ASRR

2014 is a new year, but a read of the SeaView report should be compulsory reading for every person involved with aviation.

The terms-of-reference for the ASRR should be reviewed and the SeaView TOR implementing similar to below:

Because, the 32 recommendations of Justice Staunton still have not been properly implemented, if at all.