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2014 New year and an ASRR removal of casa

What is needed for 2014 is removal of CASA and a thorough rework of atsb.

Enough damage to aviation already “An introduction of good rules “and we can emerge from this with a vibrant industry

It is up to you Mr Truss and the ASRR can get it done but do it now.


An article published by Geoff Edwards “WHO GUARDS THE PUBLIC INTEREST IN CIVIL AVIATION SAFETY?” says:

Two descriptions of the attitudes of staff to the reforms can be discerned:

• traditional self-important bureaucrats, suspecting their fiefdoms threatened, dug in out of myopia and self-interest to resist the long-overdue introduction of efficiencies to the organisation and to the stultifying mess of pettifogging regulations;

• traditional aviation safety experts formed an inhouse opposition to the bumbling incompetence of their managers and their cosiness with industry, and, in the name of the public interest, were determined to defend the most valuable practices of which they were the current custodians.



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