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2014 New year and an ASRR removal of casa

What is needed for 2014 is removal of CASA and a thorough rework of atsb.

Enough damage to aviation already “An introduction of good rules “and we can emerge from this with a vibrant industry

It is up to you Mr Truss and the ASRR can get it done but do it now.


An […]

ASRR – Review of problems of CASA/ ATSB

This review has started and is requesting information by way of submissions. Substantial problems have been raised by the industry, Senators and others.

The review has specific Terms of Reference, which are quite narrow and have been specifically done so on advice [apparently] of the Department [The head of Department is Mike Mrdack] – worth […]

FAA approval for Santa?? How would CASA go??

Not my work, but worth a look:

CASA list:

ADS-B ??

Instrument for sudden altitude changes??

Instrument for short runways??

Instrument for unusal attitudes??

Any more?? then:

Statuatory liability??

How many points given for no application??

Was there a Christmas eve FAX??



Industry complaints CASA What’s happened to the ICC?

The current ICC [Industry Complaints Commissioner] has left CASA, but no official press release.

Who is now in the position??

A recent call to the position found a Ms Gretchen Bennett, who was last heard of in John Quadrio’s case in the AAT in Cairns as the solictor representing CASA.

CASA calender for 2013 The problems

2013 has seen some interesting deveopments, which are in part listed as follows:



Brindabella lost to country passengers What’s next

Report by The Australian:

Brindabella chief under fire The Australian January 17, 2014 12:00AM Anthony Klan Journalist Sydney

Tony Abbott disembarks from a Brindabella Airlines plane in Canberra during his time as opposition leader. Source: News Limited

RECEIVERS for the failed Brindabella Airlines will investigate launching legal action against the chairman of Scotland’s […]

Passenger numbers in Australia – BITRE/ CASA value??

BITRE published the following for 2011-2012:

The 2013 numbers are below as well, with 55 million in 2012 and 58million in 2013. Not bad for a population of 22.5m in 2011 and 22.7 in 2013, with a per PAX contribution of almost $2.00 [I won’t speculate on the carbon tax portion]

For 2012 – […]

CASA annual report – where the money comes from

The following is a summary of the annual reports for the past 5 years of data [as published]. It is noted that CASA change the reporting methods some years and that makes it difficult to compare some data sets.

The most difficult is the pilot numbers and the medicals that are attached to these to […]

ATSB report into VFR/IFR at Gympie

Release of report VFR into IFR:

19th Dec 2013, 13:15 #242 (permalink) VH-XXX Join Date: Feb 2006 Location: Mel-burn Posts: 4,449 ATSB Report released today Investigation: AO-2012-130 – VFR flight into IMC involving de Havilland DH-84 Dragon VH-UXG, 36 km SW of Gympie, Qld, 1 October 2012


19th Dec 2013, 18:11 #247 (permalink) Flying […]

CASA micromanagement reigns supreme!!

Another CASA micro-management issue. The problem is this has no “Head of Power”

CAAP 166-2(1) Pilots’ responsibility for collision avoidance in the vicinity of non-controlled aerodromes using ‘seeand- avoid’

ASSR Inquiry Submission pro-forma

The following is a pro-forma in Word format:

ASRR Submission pro-forma


Barrow Island Squirrel

The following was published today and should be read in conjunction with the Bell 412 incident [training] and PelAir [Met and other issues]

Saturday, December 14, 2013



ATSB chopper emergency inquiry contradicts Pel-Air report Ben Sandilands | Dec 13, 2013 10:24AM | EMAIL |

This is another reminder to the Minister for Transport, […]

NSW Standing Commitee Inquiry into Aviation services in NSW

This has just been released with submissions requested:


Inquiry into regional aviation services:

That the Standing Committee on State Development inquire into and report on the provision of aerial regular passenger transport (RPT) services to regional centres in New South Wales,

and in particular:

1. Cost of […]

ADSB implementation CASA out of step??

The following is from Aviation Daily:

The issue is CASA is out of step with the world.

As Sweeping Australia ADS-B Mandate Takes Effect, Exemptions Spare Many By Adrian Schofield Source: Aviation Daily December 11, 2013

Australia this week will introduce the world’s largest-scale equipage mandate for automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B), although many airspace users […]

Regulatory reform investigation – Forsyth tries to allay concerns

In ProAviation, the following in part is to allay confidentiallity concerns.

But is this enough??

The industry requires parliamentry priviledge for the best results to come to the surface.

The industry would not be happy to have [which it appears from the terms of reference] everything swept under the carpet by an industrious Departmental […]

Calls for submissions Regulatory Review Industry requires priviledge

The following was in the Australian on 6th December 2013:

The question is whether the panel will be compromised or will pass information from “complainants” direct to CASA. Remember Senator Xenephon’s concerns on 18th November 2013, when Senator Xenophon said:

Senator XENOPHON: If there is evidence given to the panel would it be covered by […]

Is there proper protection of submissions to CASA Inquisition??

From the pprune site:

The question is – Do the submitters have protection from information going straight to CASA, as has happened in the past??

14th Dec 2013, 13:22 #124 (permalink) Horatio Leafblower Join Date: Mar 2003 Location: NSW Australia Posts: 1,521 TRUSS MEDIA RELEASE Quote: Warren Truss Deputy Prime Minister Minister for Infrastructure and […]

RAAA and the CASA excess from the fuel excise

The Australian exposes the difference to an excess that CASA has had resulting in a $12m “profit” to CASA, despite serious falls in pilot numbers.

The article from The Australian and Steve Creedy


Review call as excise fuels CASA surplus THE AUSTRALIAN NOVEMBER 29, 2013 12:00AM Steve Creedy Aviation Editor Sydney https://plus.google.com/107158623429005505864

THE Regional […]

CASA medicals – No explaination for huge change in 2013

The following is taken from the CASA annual report for 2013. I cannot see how this huge change could occur.

There is no explaination by CASA either of why there has been a further drop of another 3,626 total medicals. This is the fifth year in a row that there has been a fall in […]

RAAA says “No to CASA” and problems with Part 61, 141 and 142

The following is from Australian Flying:

RAAA Applauds Reform Delay

21 Nov 2013

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia has applauded CASA for delaying the implementation of regulation reform relating to licensing and training, but delivered the regulator a back-handed slap at the same time.

“The RAAA welcomes the announcement by CASA to delay the […]

How much will be saved on excise and will CASA ask for more money???

The following is from the 2nd December 2013 Senate Hansard:

Customs Tariff Amendment (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill 2013 First Reading Bill received from the House of Representatives.

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria—Manager of Government Business in the Senate and Assistant Minister for Social Services) (20:51): I move: That this bill may proceed without formalities and be […]

CASA annual report has a profit?? A profit on safety??

CASA Annual Report and cash flows:

Here is a collation of the annual report given under the Boards signature on the “last” possible day to the Minister:



Has CASA met it’s Annual report obligations?? to Parliament or the law??

Under the following Act, CASA has a range of obligations.

These include the annual report, which did not become public until the last day of October 2013. Does this not indicate to the public that CASA is not meeting it’s direct obligations.

The question is:

Did the Minister for the past three years get […]

Is CASA a Model litigant?? Does it meet the requirements at all??

Model Litigant:

There is an absolute responsibility for a Government Department or intrumentiality to act as a model litigant in all cases.

There has been great concern and direct knowledge of CASA not behaving in such a way. This leads to the notion of individuals not being treated in a fair and equitable manner.

There […]