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Parachute jumpers – CASA says OK but lots of problems

The following has been released today by CASA:

CASA ‏@CASABriefing 5h

Parachutists can jump at 14,000ft & aircraft must give way if they’re under canopy. More info http://www.apf.asn.au/ pic.twitter.com/n9NUAisqiW

The question is – what of the planes that drop through cloud, fail to broadcast intentions, do not have an AOC […]

CASA and it’s legal budget Who gets the money??

The following shows the outside legal people used by CASA in 2013 [from the annual report – 2013]:


So, Mr. Harvey got at least 40% of the outside work [including the Government Solicitor] – the more real data would exclude the Government Solicitor and then Mr. Harvey turns up with at least […]

CASA and it’s annual report – Lack of scrutiny

Released on the last day possible in october 2013, the CASA annual report is difficult to follow and detail out some of the interesting statistics for the industry.

There has been little scrutiny of it at all.

The following show the dependence on the industry [when you combine the “sale of goods] and the excise […]

AMROBA writes to the Minister deploring the CASA situation

The following is a part take from Ken Cannane’s well written letter to Minister Truss. This sets out some of the important areas that need to be canvassed in fixing the “CASA mess”:

The manner in which CASA interacts with aviation businesses. a. Currently, the interaction between CASA and the industry is not conducive to […]

CASA releases it’s response to Minister – What a spin merchant’s dream!!

The following was released by CASA today [26th November 2013].

It amply demonstrates the contempt CASA has for the industry and how it is avoiding the issues raised by the pelAir inquiry, the failure for Minister Albanese to answer the Senate when given the report on 5th June 2013, some 2 months before Parliament was […]

Part 61 Industry asks why CASA can’t get it right Politics involved??

The Helicopter industry is furious that CASA can’t get it right. The following advice to members was released in the November Newsletter:


Australian Helicopter Industry Association Limited

PO Box 1796 Carindale Qld 4152 Australia

Telephone: +61 (0) 415 641 774

Email: secretary@austhia.com

ABN […]

Sky Sentinel What is this and does it work??

Sky Sentinel and it’s role in CASA [from the 18th November 2013 Senate estimates and Hansard]:

Senator XENOPHON: I want to ask some questions on Sky Sentinel—

CHAIR: How many more minutes do you need?

Senator XENOPHON: Three or four. I think there is a technical aspect. I just want to refer to some correspondence—whether […]

Who is on Truss’s Inquiry team?? Donald Spruston


1. The first reference is dated 1997

1. Aviation Safety Letter 3/1997 TP 185 Table of Contents Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award

Donald Spruston, Director General of Civil Aviation and Ronald Jackson, Assistant Deputy Minister of Safety and Security.

Donald Spruston of Ottawa is the recipient of the ninth annual Transport […]

AVMED and CASA delays – Are these still occurring??? Trainee medical students used to clear backlog

The following was reported in the last SCC minutes:

Delays being experienced for flight crew medical renewals

Gavin Turner (QLD Government Air Wing) reported that he had raised this item because pilots within his organisation had experienced significant delays getting their Class 1 medicals renewed, and that he himself had had to operate on […]

Has CASA represented Industry in Regulatory change – 2012 version Next SCC??

Has CASA represented Industry in Regulatory change – Part 61 debacle??

The 2012 SCC meeting was:

SCC Meeting Date: Wednesday, 4 July 2012 Time: 1030-1600 Location: Southern Cross Club, Woden ACT

The last meeting that was reported was as above, but the 2013 minutes from the meeting below are not published.

Where are they??

Is […]

CASA and the ABC helicopter releases YouTube video – Poor taste Regulator

The released ATSB report – into the sad crash at Maree of the ABC helicopter, says that from departure to impact was just 171 seconds.

I believe the following twitter released by CASA on 22nd November 2013 is in extremely poor taste.


CASA ‏@CASABriefing 22 Nov

‘You now have 178 seconds […]

Cost of CASA moving from Bankstown to Sydney city office – A loss of money acknowledged

From the November 18th 2013 Senate Esimates [Hansard]:

Movement of CASA from Bankstown to the City:

Senator FAWCETT: Mr McCormick, can I take you back to a discussion we had a couple of estimates ago regarding Bankstown and the move of your staff from Bankstown into Sydney CBD. Can you update me on where […]

Moorabbin aviation meeting DECEMBER 13, 2013 Be there!!

Important meeting hosted by AMROBA [well done Ken]:




Location: Moorabbin Airport 1000 – 1500

Invited: Maintenance Organisations, Operators and Licence Holders

Host: Aviation Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Business Association, inc.

Purpose: Discuss Issues, Government Aviation Policy & Future Effect on Aviation

Contact: Linton Hayres. […]

Has CASA represented Industry in Regulatory change – Part 61 debacle

The following is from the 2010 CASA SCC committee [Standards Sub-committee Industry], which is the prime organisation that purports by CASA to represent industry views.

The data below shows 49 “Industry” to be “represented” with 27 from CASA and 6 from related Government organisations. However, there were only 27 from “Industry” present.

That gives a […]

Part 61 put off by CASA – Not wanted by Industry??

Does this mean that CASA has finally got the message the industry does just not want this poorly constructed “reform”, which results in [Part 61] 138 places that a pilot can become a criminal??


This is the SCC Meeting of Wednesday, 4 July 2012 notes:

4.7 Licensing Suite of CASRs

Mike Juelg (CASA) commenced […]

Mr. Albanese still has not responded to the Senate over PelAir

I found the followng, which quotes the Senate estimates on 18th November 2013, and I remember that “Albo” dodged a reporter from Prime TV who didn’t get an answer about this subject.

The following answer identified the “Albo” had the report from CASA and ATSB [and the department] by 5th June 2013, a full two […]

Senate hearing, CASA and Part 145 – Engineering Services

The following is from senate estimates on 18th November 2013:

Part 145 [Engineering Services]:

Senator FAWCETT: On engineering services, part 145, I have had feedback from a number of companies that since we have gone down the CASA part 145 route a number of countries in the region, led by Singapore, but now I think […]

Hansard reports – Aviation and Related matters 18th November 2013

The following are the breakup of the matters discussed in the Senate hearing from Hansard:

and a compilation into the below by page:

General Department of Transport: 2 Civil Aviation Safety Authority 3 Barrier Aviation: 5 Colour Vision: 10 Part 145 [Engineering Services]: 12 Movement of CASA from Bankstown to the City: 15 FRMS – […]

Barrier Aviation and Senate estimates Hansard report

This is the entire Barrier references from Monday:

Barrier Aviation:

Senator FAWCETT: There are a few issues I would like to cover off on. First, can you give us an update on what is happening with Barrier Aviation. It is some months now, I understand, since they were given a ‘show cause’ and ceased operating. […]

Albanese knew about the PelAir report on 5th June this year

The following gives a summary of the Senate hearings that were on this week regarding PelAir.

From Hansard for 18th November 2013

Quote: Senator LINES: I realise that you cannot necessarily provide us with details about briefings and submissions to ministers but I am interested in what has been provided to ministers.

Mr Mrdak: The […]

Starting point for new CASA governance? Where to from here

18th Nov 2013, 16:59 #21 (permalink) Paragraph377 Join Date: Oct 2013 Location: New Zealand Age: 61 Posts: 71 Possible starting point for new CAsA governance? It has probably been covered but the following needs to be included in the body of any charter, wording, statement or framework made by CAsA or the Government. As […]

Did Mike Mrdac give a report on PelAir to Minister Albanese

A most interesing time in the Senate committee process today.

All the pressure from Senator’s Heffernan, Xenophon and Fawcett directed at the proposition:

“Did CASA give a report [on PelAir response] to the Minister”

John McCormick says “I gave it to the Department!”

“It’s not my responsibility!!”

Now the admission by Mike Mrdac:

“It went […]

Aviation and Airports questions in the Senate

Aviation and Airports questions in the Senate

Senator Fawcett:


North/south runway

BK closed end October 2013 due winds

What is department going to do about rectifying this.

Mrdac – Answers that not going to do anything about this.

Relies on Bankstown Master Plan.

Landfill in floodplain area RWY 29

Sen. Heffernan asks for […]

ATSB grilled in the Senate by Heffernan, Fawcett and Xenophon

ATSB + Colour Vision:

Sen Fawcett:

Any investigations on colour deficiencies [none]

ABC Chopper

Relationship [CFIT] at Hamilton Island

Says part 133 almost ready [and by inference, problem goes away] and questions CASA’s intention.

2004 – reccomendation made at that time

What is the definition as a passenger carrying operation.

Dolan attempts to define charter […]

CASA in Senate estimates hearing McCormick tries to justify slowness

Approval process – Part 145:

Senator Fawcett has put a series of very serious concerns to CASA and the lack of standardisation of people giving approvals, especially Part 145 and slowness.

Barrier Aviation:

He asked why CASA were so severe on Barrier Aviation. General Counsel, Anastasi denied that CASA were not responsible for the delays. […]

ATSB reports, CASA and the ABC Chopper

The following is a summary by pprune of the sad loss of the ABC reporters and the AS355 at MArre over 2 years ago. ATSB takes, as Phillipa McDonald says, over 2 years and 3months later.

Posted Thu 14 Nov 2013, 12:22pm AEDT

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has found that spatial […]

Aviation Regulatory Review [ASRR]

The following are the terms of reference for the regulatory review, released by Minister Truss:

Aviation Safety Regulation Review [ASRR] Terms of Reference


The principal objectives of the review are to investigate:

 the structures, effectiveness and processes of all agencies involved in aviation safety;  the relationship and interaction of those agencies with […]

Senator Fawcett – Aviation’s place in Australia

The following speech was given in parliament this week and confirms the real importance of aviation in Australia and why the currect regulatory “reform” process must be stopped and either the US-FAA regs or the NZ-CAA Regs be introduced immediately:

Senate debates Thursday, 14 November 2013

Adjournment – Aviation

6:52 pm

David Fawcett (SA, Liberal […]

CASA issues updated inspection AD for Dromaders

The following has just popped up [1.01PM 15th November 2013]:


The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has published the following urgent Airworthiness Directive:

PZL M18 Dromader Series Aeroplanes

AD/PZL/5 Amdt 1 – Centre Wing to Outboard Wing Attachment Joints

This, and other Airworthiness Directives can be viewed at:




ABC Chopper Report

The following was released today:

ATSB Report on ABC Chopper released this morning

ATSB releases final report into chopper crash which killed ABC crew at Lake Eyre By Philippa McDonald

Updated 14 minutes ago

Photo: (Left to right) John Bean, Gary Ticehurst, and Paul Lockyer at Lake Eyre in June 2010. (ABC News) External […]