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Whyalla, ATSB and the facts

More information on the effects of CASA on the aviation industry at:

Whyalla re-visited

CASA accomodation costs BN and MB and overall cost

Well here is some of the background cost of running an inefficient regulator:

For just a single year:


Sandilands report on comparison ATSB and CASA vs. NTSB in the US


http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalking/2013/10/26/ntsb-to-hold-asiana-crash-hearings-on-automation-issues/ Saturday, October 26, 2013 NTSB to hold Asiana crash hearings on automation issues Ben Sandilands | Oct 26, 2013 2:28PM | EMAIL | PRINT

It is examples like this move by the NTSB that shows the difference between competent, diligent and fearlessly open disclosure of air safety problems and issues in the US […]

Public interest and structural change aviation in australia

These are two interesting papers that should be read in the current climate, with information being slow to move and the department responsible for CASA and ATSB not answering the Senate inquiry into PelAir [at 25th October 2013]

A paper by James Scott Mahoney as:

Clipped Wings: Management discourses during organisational change at […]

-12 Dromader crash Ulladulla wing failure

The following is a report of the incident:


The following pprune posts give an interesting aspect on a previous wing failure by a Dromader:

24th Oct 2013, 18:55 #5 (permalink) ozaub Join Date: Jan 2008 Location: australia Posts: 61 ATSB report on previous wing failure is at http://www.atsb.gov.au/media/3532975/ao2008084.pdf . Sad anyway but so much […]

McCormick – We are helping (CASA)

The latest missive from McCormick in early October to a very small section of the industry. Certainly does not front the major sectors and take questions [AMROBA] at Brisbane.

Read this and weep:

Reforming civil aviation regulations – enhancing safety standards through new flight crew fatigue management rules Regional Aviation Association of Australia

Coolum, Queensland […]

49’s and the Star Chamber

 49’s and the Star Chamber

This is well worth the read, remembering that John McCormick was the “Chief Pilot – Boeing” at the time, before heading to CASA as CEO.

The #49ers Story – the #StarChamber



22nd Oct 2013, 21:25   #21 (permalink) fpvdude Join Date: Dec 2011 Location: Melbourne Posts: 61 Called […]

Does CASA act as a model litigant??

The following paper needs to be read to decide if CASA acts as a model litigant in AAT cases:


This is quoted from the Rule of Law Institute:



Current CASA Regulations being upgraded Senate STOP please


From casa’s web site – current regulations being upgraded -How can anyone keep up and remember, when these are finished, they become unreadable and useless.

Bring on the new Zealand CAA – Regs


Consultation updates in 2013 by casa Consultation updates archives List of consultation updates in 2013 Title Details Date NPRM 1304OS […]

Is CASA going to deal with it’s responsibilities?

Is CASA going to undertake it’s true safety responsibilities??

Will this extend to parachuting?

Will this extend to warbirds??

Will this extend to Air Services???

Will this extend to RAus???

Or will it just be more of the same and just avoid the responsibilities???

Roll on New Zealand regulations and out with the rubbish



ASA and the ATSB report Near miss Australia

The following comment from within the report has some serious concerns for safety in Australia:

The ATSB is not satisfied that Airservices has adequately addressed the identified safety issues regarding formal guidance for consolidation periods for newly-endorsed controllers and the limited formal guidance to controllers and pilots regarding the conditions in which it was safe […]

Air Services [ASA] and their forward plan

The following is the workplace plan for AirServices – Interesting read:

AirServices – 12-084BKT_Workforce_plan_2012-17_WEB1

Does this meet the Senate requirements??

Here is the review:

Canada Air Sevices Review – AA_90_att

Searching for involvement of CASA in legal cases

It is difficult to find cases that CASA is involved in or has been cited in. The following is a search routine for Austlii.

Austlii search routine

Warren Truss opens SafeSkies Conference 2013

The following is a press release of the speech, which is also on pprune:

Warren Truss Deputy Prime Minister Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development

Opening of the Safeskies Conference Hotel Realm– Canberra

16 October 2013

Thank you Peter Lloyd, President, Safeskies, and David Forsyth, Chairman, Safeskies and the Safeskies Executive Board for the invitation […]

McCormick and CASA questions

Here is an interesting reminder of where the problems with CASA are.

Apology to Dick Smith from Caroline Tulip


My name is Caroline Tulip. I am Regulatory Impact Analyst with CASA

Using the pseudonym […]

CASA and Australian Aviation Changes Needed

The following [editorial by Gerard Frawley] gives some direction for the future, but does not define the problems that are inherent within the regulator – CASA and the interference that has been brought upon the ATSB, in not allowing the ATSB to be a “fearless investigator” of all causal factors in accidents, including the regulator’s […]

Senator Xenophon and PelAir – His opinion

I post here Senator Xenophon’s comments from the PelAir Inquiry for a reminder of the seriousness of this Inquiry.

Additional Comments by Senator Nick Xenophon [May 2013]

Who guards the guards themselves?

1.1 I would like to acknowledge the many submitters to this inquiry, and in particular the individuals who were involved in the […]

PelAir Inquiry – casa? atsb? answers

No answers yet by either of these two organisations to the May 2013 Senate inquiry. I wonder if this is the week?? for the reply.

160 odd pages of report – Well done Senators.

And there was a promise in May by the Transport Department Head – Mike Mrdac that there would be a prompt […]

Warren Truss talks to the Regional Aviation Conference Coolum 2012

The coalition policy as released by Warren Truss in August 2013

The Coalition’s plan for Aviation


Warren Truss MP –

The Coalition will strengthen our aviation industry to ensure that it is safe, reliable, competitive and proud to be Australian. The Coalition’s Policy for Aviation will improve consultation, reform the structure of key safety […]

casa, aat and decisions Danger to all aviators

The following is a group of interesting material -beware casa:

AAT Decisions


Some interesting information in an www trawl:

casa in the courts

casa advice to coroner on rotoway chopper

article – casa in the courts


investigations cheating MB


The […]

casa and part 61 changes Impact on aviation??

The following was published today by the ceo of CASA

It amazes me that a major change which affects all pilots and the entire aviation community, should be so “smashed into aviators” that no conversation is possible, questions are avoided and if you get it wrong “…strict liability applies…”.

Read the mccormick missive:

mccormick – […]

casa and it’s new “regulations”

An example of the new regs and some of the explainatory documents:

GM 42.040 (1) – Aircraft authorised to operate under AOCs and large aircraft must have continuing airworthiness management organisations – Aircraft authorised to operate under air transport AOC Subregulation 42.040 (1) requires the registered operator of an aircraft that is authorised to operate […]

Part 61 Senators Disallow

10th Oct 2013, 17:19 #186 (permalink) triadic Join Date: Jan 1999 Location: Sunshine Coast Posts: 616 part 61 to kill GA Talk to your contacts at major flying schools and you will hear a tail of terror in that the new part 61 will be so difficult to comply with they will choose to […]

CASA and Hemple – problems

casa involvement in Hemple

Careful reading of the Coroner’s finding reveals some gems:

REPRESENTATION: Counsel Assisting: Ms Karen Carmody Samantha Hare & family of Ian Lovell: Mr Ken Fleming QC i/b Kerin Lawyers Civil Aviation Safety Authority: Mr Ian Harvey Dr Sheahan, Dr Lam & Dr Spall: Mr P Hastie i/b Ashurst QBE Insurance: Mr […]

casa and the Hemple Affair

casa involvement in Hemple Careful reading of the Coroner’s finding reveals some gems:

REPRESENTATION: Counsel Assisting: Ms Karen Carmody Samantha Hare & family of Ian Lovell: Mr Ken Fleming QC i/b Kerin Lawyers Civil Aviation Safety Authority: Mr Ian Harvey Dr Sheahan, Dr Lam & Dr Spall: Mr P Hastie i/b Ashurst QBE Insurance: Mr […]

Hemple coroner inquiry finding

On this am Will be interesting to see the findings from this Would have been interesting to see the results if the aircraft had been recovered Would findings in the recent British case and the Moruya accident have shed more light here?? The failings of the flight controls has to be fully investigated There are […]

Part 135 Effect on General Aviation

The following shows the problems and cost of the proposed and new Part 135 that CASA propose

It will finish GA-


17th Sep 2013, 22:12 #170 (permalink) LeadSled Join Date: Jul 2001 Location: Australia Posts: 1,988 Folks, It is self evident Part 135 in its present form (or anything like its present form) […]

QON Senate Still no answers from @albomp

Here is the latest from pprune:

28th Sep 2013, 10:10 #1545 (permalink) Sarcs Join Date: Apr 2007 Location: Go west young man Posts: 971 More ammo for Nick’s FRMS & CAO 48.1 disallowance motion!! Remember this (and Creamy’s education on Senate ‘Disallowance Motions’)??

DMCAO 48.1

Well apparently EASA have similar issues to FF on […]

CASA and social media

CASA and social media:


This makes the comparison in real time

1st Oct 2013, 21:05 #23 (permalink) Up-into-the-air Join Date: May 2010 Location: More than 300km from SY, Australia Posts: 450 Social Media Comparison By 20:56 on 1st October, there were views 2107 counted on this thread, after the thread was started just […]