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12-years on from Lockhart River

We must never lose sight of the matters surrounding Lockhart River.

  • A complacent and defective regulator – #casa;
  • A poor and incompetent investigator – #atsb;
  • Uncovered facts from the crash;
  • Refusal by the regulator to provide information in a fair and unfettered manner;
  • An aircraft [VH-TFU] that was not suitable to be used as a low capacity RPT aircraft, two pilot;
  • An organisation [AeroTropics] who did not have a proper licence to operate;
  • Government quango’s prepared to give false, or at very least misleading evidence [Senate Inquiry];

  • An airservice provider who had at very least, a poor GPS design process;
  • Dodgy GPS information likely derived by the pilot both before the fateful day and before;
  • Unreported deficiencies in the aircraft over a period of time that were ignored by #casa.

Lockhart River 10-years on

New research and findings

Are #atsb doing their job?

Deficient reports into Lockhart River and other accidents by #atsb

Abysmal performance supported by successive Ministers – Truss, Albanese, Chester

And to all those families and individuals affected on 7th May 2005, we offer our sincere thoughts.

We must not forget:

#Pelair in November

#Mildura in July




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