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11 Questions to CASA CEO McCormick

The following questions are doing the rounds and popped up on my e-mail recently.

I understand that these have been directly posed to the CEO of CASA, John McCormick, yet he has failed to answer them in full.

Further, he has not in the past dealt with the questions and avoided them by a variety of means, including failing to allow the ICC to answer the questions or allow complete FOI answers.

This is not good enough and when questions are asked the CEO must answer them.

One question, I am advised, took 23 months for an answer – A simple answer on how CAA 28BD works.

The interesting one is the link with Bankstown [given the Chamber’s Report in PelAir] and the number of CAR 206, 209 and 210 infractions.


1. Please explain what you have done to ground my aircraft due to the promulgation of CAO 100.5;

2. Please explain why you have promulgated instruments and orders and other means that have caused
loss to my businesses

3. Please explain why you have not answered letters to you and your staff within a reasonable time
frame and one took 23 months;

4. Please explain why you allow organisations and individuals to breach CAA 28BD;

5. Please explain why you have allowed staff members to breach your own regulations;

6. Please explain why there are numerous operators at Bankstown operating without individual aoc’s;

7. Please explain why you allow staff members to be directors of companies;

8. Please explain why you allow staff members to write support letters for their own companies;

9. Please explain why you prosecute people for alleged breaches of regulations on the basis of statements
from known criminals;

10. Please explain why you have not answered the Senators in the matter of the PelAir inquiry;

11. Please explain why one of your staff threatened me;