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Aviation in Australia

In the aviation industry, particularly Australia, the regulator has unlimited power to be Judge, Jury and executioner.

This leads to serious doubts by the user of the system in how he or she will be dealt with if there is an infraction.

It leaves those accused of an infraction with the AAT or Federal Court.

The AAT has quite different rules as to evidence, which allow a much lower level of proof for “statements” made by the regulator compared to Federal or State Supreme Court – “Rules of Evidence”.

Does CASA behave as a “model litigant“?.

The answer is no – and there are numerous AAT and Federal Court cases to support this notion.

Further, with the matters raised as a result of the “PelAir” report by the Australian Senate, the ATSB also has serious questions to answer as to how it treats the regulator [CASA] when the regulator fails in it’s statutory obligations, through the SR/SA [Safety Recommendation/Action] system and the “softening” of requirements.

The effect of the ICAO/ FAA audit in 2008 was directed at areas that CASA failed to meet ICAO requirements. There were over 2000 non-compliance’s. These have still not been rectified and any attempt by the aviation industry to query and fix the situation have been firmly rejected by CASA. Compare with India’s audit.

In this web site, we are working to bring together information that can help others to understand why the regulator is taking a particular stand and publish difficult to find material from a range of publicly available sources, including FOI applications, Senate Inquiries, reviews [such as the ASRR]  and a range of publicly available web and other sources.

The replacement of all the CASA regs with the US-FAR’s would be a distinct improvement and a complete re-write of the CAAct and associated Acts would assist in getting the aviation industry rolling again.

What’s to come??

Fri 27 to Sun 29 May 2016. Rotortech 2016.

May 2016:

12th May 2016: Innisfail Seminar

11th May 2016: Mareeba Seminar

10th May 2016: 11 years since Lockhart River

6th May 2016: Tamworth Meeting on Project Eureka

5th May 2016:  Senate Estimates –

Airservices Questioned

Heffernan’s Last Post

Skidmore faces questions about Tamworth

April 2016:

5th April 2016: Marc de Stoop in meeting with Minister

March 2016:

31st March 2016: Dick Smith seeks #casa answer before going to Federal Court over CAA 9A

24th March 2016: FOI launched into #casa comments over death of Richard Green

20th March 2016: Parallel universe – PelAir and Mildura

4th March 2016: Talkfest in Wagga by Mark Skidmore

1st March 2016:  Questions raised on #casa Board activity

February 2016:


January 2016:

20th January 2016: #casa tries to justify CAR 234 changes

12th January 2016: AHIA teleconference with helicopter schools

12th January 2016: Serious questions raised as to veracity of information of #atsb and #MH370

7th January 2016: Two Ministers [Truss and Briggs] fail to answer aviation questions

1st January 2015: #casa and the 10-commandments, 2015 Annual Report misses information, loss made by #casa for second year

December 2015:

18th December 2015: Jack Pantovic and the AAT

18th December 2015: Project Eureka and AOPA Australia

14th December 2015: Monthly Missive

9th December 2015: Pilot’s Bill of Rights passes Senate

7th December 2015:  Launceston TAS action against RAus pilot by #casa

1st December 2015:  Alice Springs


November 2015:

26th November: Mark Skidmore missive and comments

20th November: PJOps death at Goulburn [Previous activity]

18th November 2008: 7th Anniversary – PelAir Accident Norfolk Island discussion

15th november 2015: Part 61 #casa statement

15th November 2015: Avsafety Seminar – Atherton

11th November 2015: Avsafety Seminar – Cairns

11th November 2015: AOPA’s Marc de Stoop speaks

9th November 2015:  Mawson Lakes Adelaide

9th November 2015: AHIA calls it quits on #casa actions

9th November 2015: Reminder issued to Minister Truss

7th November 2015: Richard Green killed and had been in a tete-a-tete with #casa [Vindication of Richard Green ]

5th November 2015:  Perth

5th November 2015: Regulatory requirements and the 10-commandments

4th November 2015:  Jandakot

Discussion on #casa Economic Control

October 2015:

31st October 2015: Dick Smith letter to #casa on unjustified costs

29th October 2015: #casa annual report released

29th October 2015 #asrr “review”:   Cairns and the actual meeting outcomes

Thu 26 to Sun 29 May 2016: Rotortech 2016.

28th October 2015: #casa + Mark Skidmore missive

28th October 2015 #asrr “review”:   Archerfield

19th October 2015:   Senate estimatesDick Smith submission

15th October 2015 #asrr “review”:  Hobart

12th October 2015: #casa releases FAA AD for PA28

11th October 2015: 10th anniversary of Col Pay flight of the Wright replica at Narromine

7th/ 8th October 2015 #asrr “review” :  Albury & Moorabin

4th October 2015: AVMED and other areas of disclosure [FOI]

1st October 2015: Replacement ICC announced to replace Elizabeth Hampton

1st October 2015: Tracey leaves Farnborough

September 2015:

31st September 2015: National Audit Office matters

23rd September 2015: Understanding Part 61 and Transitioning your flying school to Parts 141 and 142

22nd September 2015 #asrr “review”: Darwin

21st September 2015: September missive [10-point plan by Skidmore] [10-commandments]

20th September 2015: Morning Glory Cloud Burketown

Sep 17, 2015: #asrr “review” – Bankstown/ Brighton le Sands,

17 September 2015: Aviation Criminal Recklessness ALAANZ

9th September 2015: Bankstown airport for sale

8th September 2015:  Senate and Angus Houston

4th September 2015: Aviation seminar – Cairns

4 to 6 September 2015:   AUSFLY at Narromine, NSW.

August 2015:

25th August 2015: September missive

25th August 2015: Release of #casa corporate plan

22 August 2015: 2015 Aviation Careers Expo – at Brisbane Airport.

21st August 2015: Sandy Reith has an open letter to aviation

20th August 2015: Paul Phelan publishes questions on #casa

19th August 20015: Dick Smith supports GA against #asa and #casa

18 August 2015: 05:00PM – Senate Commitee – Duration: 2 hours

18th August 2015: Aviation and Defence Forum.

July 2015:

23rd July 2015: TAAAF meeting

23rd July 2015: AHIA meets with CASA Board and DAS of CASA.

20th July 2015: Risky Goulburn Airport

July 2015: June missive

7th July 2015: NDB beacons removed on arbitrary basis by Air Services – Safety case??

5th July 2015: Terry Farquarson “retires”

1st July 2015: New CASA Board commences under Jeff Boyd

June 2015:

28th June 2015: Ben Sandilands brings the heat onto Air Services

27th June 2015: Arthur Pape meets with Skidmore in NZ

24th June 2015: PelAir investigation moves to Brisbane

24 June 2015: Senate report on the application of regulatory governance and economic impact of wind turbines.

Preliminary report released

20th June 2015: Skidmore addresses AOPA at Bankstown

14th June 2015: Request for tender by ATSB to raise/ recover VH-NGA [PelAir flight]

8th June 2015: Dick Smith awarded Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia

6th June 2015: Airservices [ASA] union – claims the moral high ground

5th June 2015: Dick Smith achieves a “win” against CASA on airspace issues

May 2015:

Wednesday 27th and Thursday, 28 May 2015 – Senate Estimates QON returned from February Senate Estimates

At the estimates were: CASA, Airservices [ASA], ATSB, AMSA

26th May 2015: Meeting of Skidmore and AFAP

25th May 2015: May Missive

19th May 2015: CASA Flight Crew Licensing Sub-Committee meetings – AHIA representation

19th May 2015: Senate Wind Turbine inquiry

12th May 2015: Federal Budget leaves aviation exposed to $25m per annum excise

7th May 2015: Lockhart River Tragedy now is 10-years-on from Wednesday 7th May 2005 at 11:44am

7th May 2015: Memorial service for Sally Urquhart at 1030 Police Academy Brisbane

6th May 2015: CASR PART 61 AHIA/CASA MEETING – SYDNEY 6 MAY 2015 + Comments

5th May 2015:  Shane Urquhart speaks out on 10th anniversay of Lockhart River

1st May 2015: Rumour that Terry Farquarson will move on – 30th June 2015

April 2015:

25th April: Anzac Day

24th April 2015: April Missive

15th April 2015: Publication of negative Ombudsman’s Report on CASA

2nd April 2015: March missive

1st April 2015: April Fool’s Day!!

March 2015:

March 23rd 2015: Closing date for submissions for Wind Turbine inquiry

27th March 2015:  Fee changes by CASA to seriously impact aviation

23rd March 2015: ABC Four Corners – Karen Casey and #PelAir

18th March 2015: Skidmore addresses Police conference on remote vehicles

16th March 2015: Part 145 Disallowance Motion – Senator Xenophon

12th March 2015: McCormick ‘misses’ becoming head of ICAO

11th March 2015: Funeral of Bernie Currall [private in Melbourne]

February 2015:

27th February 2015: Death of Bernie Currall [patient on the PelAir flight and ditching]

25th February 2015: ATSB attempts interview with PelAir flight nurse

24th February 2015:  Senate Estimates – Canberra  ATSB, CASA, AMSAR, ASA

20th February 2015: CASA loses CVD case

19th February 2015: ATSB starts PelAir investigation afresh

19th February 2015:  Bankstown problems exposed

18th February: Call for the PelAir CVR to be recovered and PelAir re-investigation begun

17th February: ICAO Head proposedMcCormick nominated Truss makes statement

15th February: PelAir / REX outed over $385,000 in donations to political parties

9th February: Parliament commences in 2015

6th February: PelAir and Karen Casey/ David Helm – ‘Reserved decision’

2nd February: PelAir action commences in NSW Supreme Court

January 2015:

23rd January: Truss announcement on McCormick

22nd January: Monthly missive by CASA

19th January: CASA web page gives us a new CASA CEO biography

12th January: Mark Skidmore Into office on 12th January 2015

7th January: Bankstown Master Plan Approval by Truss

1st January: Mark Skidmore commences his tenure

Archive of Prime page – Aviation in Australia [prior to December 2014]


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